When the 2013 NFL season began, the experts picked the Cincinnati Bengals to win the AFC North. Now that they did that, the fans aren’t even willing to support the team.

Here we are just 3 days until kickoff,, and the Bengals vs the San Diego Chargers hasn’t sold out yet. The game won’t be televised locally if the fans don’t buy the tickets to make the game a sell out.

Area businesses have had to step up to buy large blocks of tickets, and then they challenge others to do the same. What is the problem with the people in Cincinnati.

Maybe they don’t believe in Andy Dalton. He had a few questionable games and he made people nervous on more than one occasion. Nonetheless he was able to win 11 games with his Bengals and that was more than any other team in the AFC North.

The Bengals need their home crowd to show up and cheer them on Sunday. This is an NFL play off game and if the Bengals don’t win they go home.

Bengals fans may not have another chance to support their team in the play offs. It could come down to this one game and if fans don’t take the chance to see the game, it only comes down to them being too cheap to buy a ticket.


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