When the 2013 NFL season began, the experts picked the Cincinnati Bengals to win the AFC North. Now that they did that, the fans aren’t even willing to support the team.

Here we are just 3 days until kickoff,, and the Bengals vs the San Diego Chargers hasn’t sold out yet. The game won’t be televised locally if the fans don’t buy the tickets to make the game a sell out.

Area businesses have had to step up to buy large blocks of tickets, and then they challenge others to do the same. What is the problem with the people in Cincinnati.

Maybe they don’t believe in Andy Dalton. He had a few questionable games and he made people nervous on more than one occasion. Nonetheless he was able to win 11 games with his Bengals and that was more than any other team in the AFC North.

The Bengals need their home crowd to show up and cheer them on Sunday. This is an NFL play off game and if the Bengals don’t win they go home.

Bengals fans may not have another chance to support their team in the play offs. It could come down to this one game and if fans don’t take the chance to see the game, it only comes down to them being too cheap to buy a ticket.


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  1. fez

    perhaps if they would give some back to the community that has already shoveled millions of their tax dollars to subsidize their business, the fans would care.

  2. Rick

    This article was obvioulsy written by someone who hasn’t suffered through the last 25 years of being a Bengals fan, the humiliation of claiming the Bengals as your team. It is Mike Brown’s own fault for creating this lathargic fan base. We all still love the Bengals but are so very tired of the let downs and bad front office management that created the problem. Since the problem took 25 years to culminate it isn’t going to end overnight. They could be further along in the repair process if they had one a playoff game either of the past 2 years but they haven’t. Cincy fans have been more than generous with their pocketbooks over the last 25 years buying a new stadium and regularly selling out for most of the last 25 years. But Cincinnati is the epitome of small market and we don’t have a fan base with tons of discretionary money. I know I can’t afford playoff prices. We all finally just got on the same page and have sent the message that the ball is in Mike’s court and 1 game or 1 season isn’t going to fix. I believe we are finally heading in a positive direction (although you will never get me to say RIGHT direction while Mike is the GM). I find it a tad funny that you are laying into Cincy fans while Green Bay and Indy – both who have long track records of good teams and sellouts – are having issues selling out.
    Time will heal if the Bengals continue to progress and this city will again spend its hard earned money on them again but the Bengals still have more to prove before that happens. (We aren’t Washington, Dallas, NY or any other city with millionaires on every corner).

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Marvin Lewis for his part in the resurgence. I believe over time Marvin has gained A LOT more control than anyone knows from Mike. Marvin is humble enough and just wants to win so hasn’t asked for the GM title but has insisted on cntrol. Mike Brown has given it to him on the condition it still appears he is running most of the show. It is definitely speculation on my part but what I believe to be true. Mike still has the power to be a stubborn idiot and fall into the Carson Palmer draft picks (kudos to Mike for not be so stubborn as to pass that up though). But Marvin had the power to proceed like Carson was never coming back. Once upon a time Mike would have never allowed paying 2 starting quarterbacks starting qb money.

  3. Ricky

    1. Ticket prices are outrageous
    2. Have you seen what the weather is supposed to be like here? Those cold temps are not safe.

    We support our Bengals 100% we aren’t weathly and we aren’t stupid.

  4. Blue Collar Bengal Fan

    Average BC Bengal Fan for 46 yrs! Makin $8.00 ph and can’t afford $100.00 ticket; $40 parking; $9 beers! Sorry, don’t make $60k behind a desk and judging Cincy fans from NYC! Get a real life, you must be a parttime Congressman!

  5. Anonymous

    Amen. If the NFL hadn’t set prices so far above reasonable, I’d be there!

  6. jack

    The crazy weather and major winter storm most likely has a hand in this as well. the blackout rule is stupid and always has been.


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