The Kansas City Chiefs are losing football games. They lost for the 2nd time to the Denver Broncos and the team’s defense couldn’t touch Peyton Manning.

The Chiefs offense put 28 points on the board, but the defense couldn’t stop the Broncos from winning the game. The Chiefs have now lost 3 in a row and sit at 9-3 on the season and one game behind the Broncos in the AFC West.

The Chiefs defense gave up 403 yards passing to Manning, they had no way to stop him and the Chiefs secondary once again failed to make plays to shut down the Broncos receivers.

Alex Smith played a good game throwing for 293 yards and 2 touchdowns. He just doesn’t have the fire power to match Manning’s performance. The Chiefs are a solid football team, but the Denver Broncos are a great team with Peyton Manning playing quarterback.

The Chiefs are very over rated this season. Sure they won nine games, but the teams they won against weren’t as good as the Denver Broncos and the results speak volumes about the Chiefs inability to win against touch teams.

Andy Reid has done a great job of turning the Kansas City Chiefs around this season. They still are a couple of shut down corner backs away from being a truly great football team.

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