Derrick Rose has said it once and he is saying it again. He doesn’t think his body is ready to come back from the ACL injury yet. He doesn’t mind sitting out the rest of this NBA season. Why should he risk further injury if his body isn’t ready to play? It would be foolish for the Bulls to hurry this kid back if he isn’t feeling 100%. Rose knows his body and if he felt he could return to the NBA and play to the level we are used to seeing from him, I’ll bet he would be the first one wanting to return. The guy is a professional basketball player and it has to be killing him not to play.

No one knows how Rose feels better than he does, he can feel the pain in his leg that no one else can. If he says he is not ready to return then don’t push it. The kid has a great future ahead of him and there is nothing worse than forcing an early return and seeing him fall to some other kind of nagging injury. Let Rose take his time to rehab his knee. Let him be 100% ready to return to the game. No one wants to return more than he does and if he says he isn’t ready to do so then the rest of the world has to listen.



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