The Chicago Bulls better find a way to regroup and they better find it fast. They couldn’t hang with a pissed off Heat team in-game 2. The Bulls won the first game and it seems to have pissed off the Heat. The Bulls couldn’t handle the Heat in-game 2.

The Heats bench lead the way in scoring with Ray Allen coming up big with 21 points to lead the Heat in scoring. The Bulls couldn’t  hang with the Heat defensively or offensively in-game 2. The Bulls could only score 78 points and lost by 37 points.

It was like they took a quarter of play off. Not one Bulls player scored more than 13 points. It was like the team that won game one, didn’t show up for game 2. If they can’t return to the form they had in-game one, the Miami heat will walk all over the Chicago Bulls. They need to find a way to stop the Heat otherwise the Bulls will be eliminated in the next 3 games.

The questions Chicago fans are asking themselves this morning, is what happened to the team that played game 1.


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