Just when you thought it couldn’t end. The Chicago Bulls stepped up and put an end to the Miami Heat winning streak. The Bulls beat the Heat 101-97 last night. Now the Heat have to start another winning streak. The Bulls played solid basketball to end the streak at 27.

Luol Deng had a huge role in stopping the streak, he scored 28 points in the game. Carlos Boozer the long-time NBA veteran had 21 points in the game. The Bulls didn’t win the game because they stopped LeBron James, he still scored 32 points in the Heats loss.

The Bulls played well enough to beat the Heat and they stopped the streak, something other NBA teams couldn’t do for well over a month. The Heat looked unstoppable. Now because of the Chicago Bulls, we don’t have to hear about the Heats streak any longer.

It was nice to see a team able to close out against the Miami Heat. The Chicago Bulls deserve some credit. They played smart basketball and they got the job done…..




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