It is difficult enough for a veteran quarterback to come under heavy pressure, Thursday night the Buffalo Bills will be asking their rookie quarterback to line up behind center and across from one of the NFL’s premier pass rushes. The Bills will place rookie E.J. Manuel in the line of fire.

He hasn’t seen the Browns front seven and these guys will be coming after him just trying to pad their stats in this game. It would be a good idea if the Bills had Manuel wear some depends under his uniform pants. This way when he sees this pact of Mean Junk-Yard Dawgs coming at him, he will be protected if he soil his pants a few times…!!
The message that the Browns will be delivering to Manuel is one he will grasp quickly, it will sound something like this,  Hey E.J. this ain’t college ball anymore…welcome to the NFL and the DAWG POUND…!!!!

Manuel has yet to face a pass rush against an NFL team with so many talented pass rushers. The Cleveland Browns will give the Buffalo offense line more than they can handle and Manuel will be sacked multiple times in this game. Manuel may think he can escape the Browns front 7 with his legs.

He will find out real  quick that you can’t run against this Cleveland front 7 either. The Buffalo Bills may want to take the depends advice seriously. Manuel is going to be in for a long night.



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  1. Anonymous

    who the hell are you

    • LG

      I am a guy that knows football. This Browns team is tough…

      • Anonymous

        just 2 weeks ago browns fans gave up

        • LG

          That was just the cry baby ones who thought they knew something about football…..

  2. Bill Backer

    Seriously? The Browns lost to the Ravens, whom the Bills beat. They have beat the Vikings, whose only win was against the hapless Steelers. I don’t see this game as a mis-match. I see tthis as a dogfight, with two decent defenses controlling the game. My prediction is 13-9, Bills.

    • LG

      That’s because the Browns started Brandon Weeden at quarterback. If you haven’t noticed Weeden is benched….

  3. MG

    What 3rd grader is writing these headlines? I think the Ravens had similar stats before the Bills took them out.

  4. Steve

    LG looks like you will be looking for an excuse tomorrow. Not good jokes either.

    • LG

      None needed is there?


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