The Buffalo Bills have a short week before they travel to first energy stadium to face the Cleveland Browns. This means they have an even shorter tine to enjoy their victory over the Baltimore Ravens and come up with a game plan that can work in Cleveland.

The Bills rushed for 203 yards against the Ravens aging defense, there is no way that is going o work in Cleveland Thursday night. The Bills will be facing one of the best run defenses in the National Football League when they face the Browns.

Cleveland hasn’t given up a 100 rushing game though the 4 games they played this season. They held last years rushing leader to 88 yard and only average 79 rushing yards per game against this tough Browns defense.

The Bills may want to rethink trying to run against the Browns. Cleveland is ranked the 4th best run defense in the NFL. They are also climbing the stat board in stopping the pass. Currently they sit at number 9.

Buffalo is going to have a very difficult time trying to beat the Cleveland Browns this Thursday night. The Bills have no chance of running the ball against the Cleveland Browns this week. They better come up with an alternative plan.


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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Brian

    this is the worst article I’ve ever read. Why was this even published? By the way, the Bills just became the first team in OVER 5 YEARS to run for 200 yards against Baltimore. They’ll do just fine in Cleveland.

    Go Bills

    • LG

      The Browns have a much better run defense than the Ravens do. There is no way the Bills are going to run all over Cleveland…

  2. BStill

    You forgot to mention that the Bills will have a hard time running against the Browns.

    • LG

      LMAO you think so? There isn’t any way they will be able to run on Cleveland. Watch and see come Thursday night….

  3. Adam

    Buffalo will run all over Cleveland. You’ll see.

    • LG

      Are you talking about the city before the game or are you talking about during the game? Cuz if you are taking during the game you haven’t seen the Cleveland Runs D

      • RW

        What is up with your grammar and spelling?

        • LG

          Not sure I have some concerns about it and I am trying to improve it but most people get my points…

  4. ken

    When you learn something about football

    • LG

      Come back and let me know what you think after the game on Thursday night.

      • Chris

        The browns first two games they got.ate up in the passing game so rushing wasnt necessary. Even ap can have a mediocre game and who is cincinatti running back. Even jacksonville would have a good rucs defense after all that.

        • Chris

          Sorry about the spelling. I have a cleveland browns phone. It sucks.

          • LG

            We will hopefully see you back here after the game.

        • LG

          That was then this is now. Plus the Bills have a rookie who will face a ton of pressure playing QB


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