The Boston Celtics were on a roll, now they suffered a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats of all teams and lost another player to injury doing it.  Leandro Barbosa the guard that has seen increased playing time because of the injured Rondo went down in the game against Charlotte. The Celtics won’t know the full extent of his injury until they get the results of his M.R.I. scheduled for sometime this morning. Barbosa  has done a fine job filling in for Rondo, the Celtics went on a major winning streak since Rondo went down and guys like Kevin Garnett  and  Paul Pierce have really stepped up their games.

When Rondo went down, Barbosa stepped right in and in the seven games since Rondo’s injury Barbosa had averaged nine points while playing an average of 22.5 minutes. The Celtics had won all seven games. Now the Celtics are really thin with all the injuries they are suffering. The team is going to have to bring someone in that can take the place of Barbosa. It isn’t going to be easy to find a guy that can step in the way Barbosa did. Lets hope the streak of injuries the Celtics are suffering are over. The team can’t take much more of them. It is never easy to watch a guy get carried into the locker room the way Barbosa was last night late in the third quarter. I am sure it had an effect on his teammates and contributed to the loss to the Bobcats. Their isn’t any way the Celtics loss to the Bobcats otherwise.


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