A.J. Green caught the first of three touchdowns within seconds of starting the game. Green was on the receiving end of a Peyton Manning pass that put the AFC on top briefly in the game. Green had 3 touchdowns receiving in the Pro Bowl. He quickly became one of the quarterbacks favorite receivers in his second pro bowl. A.J. Green is going to get to a lot more Pro Bowls, the way the guy runs routes and catches the football is going to place Green at the top of his profession for years to come if he can stay healthy.

Green is already one of the best the NFL has to offer at the receiver position. In his post game statements Green said it was fun and he had a great time playing in the 2013 pro bowl. Green made 7 receptions for 119 yards including a 49 yard bomb from Andrew Luck in the 4th quarter of the game. Green was the leading receiver for the AFC team. He showed exactly why he was in his second pro bowl in the two years he has played in the NFL. The guy just belongs there.


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