What can we say about the Ravens that the score didn’t already show? The Ravens got their butts kicked today losing to the Houston Texans by the score of 43 to 13. The Ravens defense is all but gone, losing their emotional leader Ray Lewis has done more damage than anyone would have thought. The Ravens had no answers at all for the Texans who stomped the heck out of Baltimore. Flacco couldn’t do anything right with the pressure the Texans laid on him today. Joe Flacco only threw for 147 yards, he had 2 interceptions and was sacked 4 times. Flacco knew he was in an all out war with a team that wasn’t going to give him an inch. Flacco only had a 3.4 yard average per attempt. When was the last time you saw a Ravens quarterback play this poorly?

The Ravens defense was defenseless against the Houston Texans today. The Texans were able to do what ever they wanted when ever they wanted to do it. The Ravens defense gave up 181 yards rushing and another 256 yards threw the air. Today the Ravens saw the return of Terrell Suggs, his return didn’t give the Ravens the emotional lift the Ravens needed. It was clear the Ravens were totally out matched by the Texans. The Ravens are now 5-2 and if they can’t find a way to sure up their defense they are going to fall quicker than a lead balloon. Baltimore has to find an answer and they had better find it quick.


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