The Ravens head into New England today as the underdog. Baltimore is getting 7-1/2 points. The Ravens played a great game against the Broncos. Joe Flacco was able to do things against the Broncos people didn’t think Flacco was capable of doing. He hit on a couple of long pass plays, today the New England defense will be looking to stop the Ravens long passing game. The Ravens may have to set up the run today. If they can get the run game going, it may help to let Flacco go down field.

The Ravens defense is going to have to get into Tom Brady’s face in this game. If they can pressure Brady and take away his down field receivers, the Baltimore Ravens will have the chance to win the game. People are thinking the Ravens can’t compete with the Patriots. I think this is going to be a tough game for Belichick’s Patriots.  The Ravens have played inspired football this season. They know what is at stake in this game and they want to go to the Super Bowl. Can they beat the Patriots? Yes, they can. In a few hours from now we will know if the odds makers got it right. I think the Ravens are going to put it all on the field today.




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