Matt Ryan has his work cut out for him when the Falcons  take on the 49ers. The Falcons have had a dream season thus far, they are in for a real wake up call this weekend. Atlanta has to play a better football game than we saw against the Seahawks. They have to be able to score more fourth quarter points, the 49ers are a team that can run away with the game. Ryan has to keep his team sharp in this game and he has to keep guys like Tony Gonzalez involved in the game plan. The big tight end can help Ryan wear down the 49ers defense.

Then the Atlanta defense is going to have their hands full trying to stop the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. This guy can kill you in 2 ways. He set a rushing record in the last game he played in and he can hurt you with his arm too. The Falcons have to find a way to control Kaepernick, if they can’t contain him, they will have trouble winning this game. The Falcons defense is going to be tested even though they did well with Russell Wilson. Kaepernick is bigger and stronger.

If the Falcons are going to get to the Super Bowl they are going to have to stop the high-powered San Fransisco 49ers offense, this isn’t going to be an easy task. I’m not sure the Falcons are up to the task.


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  1. Steve

    LG I not sure you have enough sense to be writing this article.

    • LG

      You must be a Falcons fan

  2. Anonymous

    49’ers played Seattle on the road and what was the outcome? Got that butt kicked all over. I look for the same thing in Gawgia Dome

    • Bryan

      LG you must be a 9er’s fan!

      • LG

        No not really, I just call them as I see them. This will be one of the toughest games the Falcons will play. If they don’t play better than they played last week their season will be over.

        • Anonymous

          Okay we’ll what about If the 9er’s play as they did against the Giants that beat them or the Seahawks. Any given Sunday. I agree you must always bring your A game but look at the articles written about Notre Dame. I knew they didn’t stand a chance. Like when Hawaii went undefeated and played GA in the Sugar Bowl. Atlanta has the tools

          • LG

            I think both the 49ers and the Falcons have the tools. It comes down to who is going to be more motivated. I think Harbaugh is going to have his guys very motivated.

  3. Octo

    This is almost a mimicked articel written before the ATL vs SEA game and we know the result from that game. Kaepernick has looked averge at best except for one game and now he is the most prolific QB in the modern day era. Give me a break!

    • Anonymous

      Kaepernick now knows his own potential. He’s unleashed. Watch him make the Falcons look like ducks…sitting ones. Ha!

      • Anonymous

        9ers showed there pistol formation to soon, green bay did not see that one coming but I bet the falcons will be ready. Remember Mike Nolan coached half the players on the 9ers and he knows their weakness


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