The Atlanta Falcons should have never made it into the NFC Championship game. Last week the Seahawks were allowed to come back from a 20 point first half deficit.  Today the Falcons displayed the same kind of second half football that allowed the 49ers to get out of Atlanta with a win. The Falcons forgot that a football game is 60 minutes. You can’t just play a 30 minute dominate half of football and then shut down your offense. Matt Ryan could get any points on the board for an entire 30 minutes of championship football. Result, the Falcons lost the game and the team lost its chance of playing in the Super Bowl.

Ryan threw for 396 yards, he completed 30 of the 42 passes he threw but could not get his team on the score board in the second half of the game. They should have been eliminated by the Seahawks last week. Today they should they couldn’t keep it going and they showed defensive weakness in the second half. You don’t make it into the Super Bowl playing this kind of sloppy football. Today we saw the results. The Falcons got kick out of a Super Bowl appearance.


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