The NFL live from London England, is this the example the NFL wanted to send to England? Think about it, 2 of the worse team’s in the league this year, facing off in front of England. The NFl sends the 0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers to play against the 0-3 Minnesota Vikings.

They could not have known both team’s would be this bad when they set this game up in England. The NFL is sending a couple of losing team’s to represent them in England. One of these team’s are in for a Royal butt kicking.

To make matters worse the Viking are starting their back up quarterback in the game due to Ponder’s rib injury. How bad is this going to be for the Vikings? The  Steelers defense should have a field day against Matt Cassel.

He is even worse than Ponder and the fans in Minnesota boo him off the field. If this is the NFL’s idea of expanding into London England, they should have at least sent 2 winning team’s to that country.

This game might put the people to sleep at the Wembley Stadium, this historic venue deserves better than these two team’s. The Pittsburgh Steelers should be able to find their first win of the season and it is unfortunate for Steelers fans that it is taking place in a foreign country, who knows how many wins they are going to see at Heinz Field this season.

The way the Steelers are playing, it can’t be many. Of course the same thing could be said of the Vikings.

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