Nobody saw this coming, the best team in baseball losing four game in a row just before the All-star game. The Rangers were the first team to reach fifty wins. Matt Harrison pitched a heck of a game against the White Sox, he just couldn’t get any offense from his team. The Texas Rangers lost to the White Sox 2-1 in a game that looked like a darn good battle of the pitchers. The White Sox got a good game out of Jose Quintana who also pitched for 8 innings. Both pitchers did what they could do last night. The Texas offense could get anything going only scoring one run in the fourth inning.

The All-Star break can’t get here fast enough for the Rangers, they must need a break. if someone would have said the White Sox would beat the Rangers in three games to get the sweep over the Rangers we wouldn’t have believe it. The Rangers take on the Twins in a three game series that will take the team into the All-Star break. Hopefully Texas can get back to winning before the break.

The Rangers are still in first place in the American League West at 50-33, the team has a 4 game lead over the Angeles. Be sure to tell us what you think about the Rangers slump, leave your comments below……

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  1. southside mike

    White Sox beat the best team in baseball Three straight.
    and yesterday they did it with a
    rookie Catcher,
    rookie 3B,
    rookie CF,
    2-rookie Pitchers
    rookie LF
    a rookie manager


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