Yes, if Miguel remains healthy (and if the players around him continue to get on base ahead of him) a record setting  season in RBI’s and batting average are likely—he’s THAT good. But if Chris Davis remains healthy, hitting in that sand box in Baltimore half of the year gives him a significant advantage in the homerun category.

Mind you, that’s not to disparage Chris in any way as a power hitter since he’s strong enough to have hit homeruns in old Forbes Field (even with gale winds blowing in!).

So I, for one, don’t expect to see Miguel become the first man in history to win the Triple Crown in consecutive years. Frank Robinson won the TC in 1966. And if you’ll recall, he was leading the league in all of the relevant categories in 1967 as well with 21 homeruns, 59 RBI’s and a .337 batting average until he was hit by a pitch which fractured his forearm and caused him to miss enough of the season to make it easier for Carl Yastrzemski to win the Triple Crown himself that year.


In any event I’m keeping my fingers crossed that both players will remain healthy this year and give the fans (and Texas GM Jon Daniels who gave up on Chris Davis for two million dollars and a relief pitcher who’s no longer on their roster) a long look at greatness not just this year but for several campaigns to come.



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