Reports about Terry Francona wanting to manage the Cleveland Indians have surfaced since the Indians fired Manny Acta on Thursday. Sure Francona may want to manage in Cleveland, the real question is can the Indians manage Francona? The Cleveland Indians front office may have more than a few problems trying to secure the services of Francona. Tow problems that come to mind immediately are Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti. Some feel when Acta was fired the Indians should have fired Antonetti too.

Antonetti is the Indians general manager who managed to do  nothing to help his Indians sustain the momentum the team had before the all-star break. Antonetti stood by and watched helplessly as the Indians became the worst team in the American League central and perhaps the worse team in M.L.B.. Antonetti did nothing before the trade deadline to help the Indians in the talent department.

Then you have the team president, Mark Shapiro. He should be held accountable for letting the Tribe fail just like Antonetti should. Mark Shapiro stood by and watched as Antonetti did nothing. Who is the president of the team? Mark Shapiro that’s who. Neither of these guys have enough experience in baseball to be able to handle a guy like Terry Francona.

Terry Francona comes from a place where they took their baseball teams seriously. The Cleveland Indians have an owner in Lawrence J. Dolan who has done nothing except cut the Indians payroll. Dolan has become known for not speeding money on the team or the players.  Are we suppose to believe Dolan would spend the kind of money Francona would expect to become the Indians manager?

The Indians have a ton of problems with the team. The best thing a guy like Terry Francona could do is buy the Cleveland Indians. Maybe then the Tribe could once again become contenders.

Please, let us know what you think about Francona going to manage the Indians….Just leave your comments below….


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