Terrelle Pryor couldn’t be facing a tougher task if it was written by a Hollywood script writer. Pryor is getting the start when the Raiders take on the Seattle Seahawks. Oakland is clearly over matched in this game.

Nonetheless this is the NFL and you have to play the team’s on your schedule. Pryor has just as much of a chance as any other quarterback on the Raiders roster. Pryor continues to make the case to be the named starter once the regular season starts.

Pryor deserves the chance to start for the Raiders. he has the will and the skill set to be successful for the Raiders. Pryor is committed to improving and he   needs the reps to get to the next level. He hasn’t had the chance to start and with the guys in camp this season it is clear that Pryor is as good as any of them.

He is going to be under pressure when the game starts against the Seahawks. How Pryor handles the pressure will help make the case to name him the starter. If he can show good decision making in the game, he could leap into the starting position after this game.

It is time for Pryor to show the Raiders that he can do the job…..

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