If Terrell Owens were smart which we all know he is not, he would hang up his football cleats and call it a career. The Jets lining up a corner back at wide receiver isn’t desperate. Remember the guy in Dallas that played both ways? I think his name was Deion Sanders. I don’t care if Ownes took to twitter, sent a telegram, hand a note handed to Rex Ryan or what the case is. The Seattle Seahawks gave Owens a shot this season, he couldn’t compete on the level he once did and they cut him. If Owens was ready to play NFL football don’t you think the Seahawks would have kept him.

Owens should have found a way to invest the money he threw away during his playing days, this way he wouldn’t be on twitter begging for a job today. Owens is 38 years old and his football skills aren’t what they once were. He hasn’t figured out that there isn’t any team that is going to sign him and pay him millions of dollars to play for them. The days of Owens making millions in the NFL are over, much like the career of Owens.

It is time to hang it up T.O.. Your done in the NFL.


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