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Judgments about how a player projects at the next level should be based on that player’s body of work—not just one game. But for those who are inclined to put second things first, if NFL GM’s and head coaches are imbecilic enough to overlook Manti’s football ability due to the salaciousness of this past week’s revelations about his Internet romance it would go a long way towards explaining why so many of their teams remain mired in mediocrity season after season—and in many cases decade after decade. I’d bet a year’s salary that the smartest coach in football–Bellicose Bill—wouldn’t allow something like this to dissuade him from choosing MT if his team was ever in a position to take him. (Remember Randy Moss?) Ditto for John Madden. Same for George Allen. With those guys, if you can PLAY, there’d be a place for you on their rosters. That’s the main criterion. And their teams’ records year in and year out reflected their philosophy…Now if Te’o pans out well after being passed on by 18 teams next Spring, they’ll  feel pretty stupid for allowing their PollyAnna-like convictions to stand in the way of common sense……


Or not……



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