By Larry GLicken

Tim Tebow was traded by the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets this afternoon, now there may be a snag in Tebow’s contract that could stop the trade from taking place with the Jets. Reports say with the delay the Jacksonville Jaguars are in discussions to acquire Tebow. Before the good people in the Big Apple start practicing their Tebowing for the annual New Years eve celebration they may have to wait until the Broncos lawyers and Tebow get this mess straightened out.

Tim Tebow really got the raw end of this deal. Last season Tebow took the Broncos to the AFC Championship game after his heroic  overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. Tebow must have really rubbed Broncos V.P. of football operations the wrong way somewhere along the line. For John Elway to trade Tim Tebow one day after Peyton Manning and the team finalize the MEGA deal that  brought Manning to the Mile High City, I can only think to myself John Elway really has a dislike for Tim Tebow.

You very rarely see a quarterback who takes a team to the AFC Championship get traded in the off season, especially a guy who is only 25 years old and should have a bright future in front of him. Tebow a former Heisman Trophy winner in 2007, never really gained the respect for all he has done in Denver. I mean really, all Tebow did was win. What in the world is wrong with that? If Tim Tebow does go to New York he would be the most popular quarterback the New York Jets have ever seen far surpassing the Great Joe Namath I would bet.

Reports coming out now say that Tim Tebow would be able to pick the Team he wants to play for. The New York Jets may be out of luck if reports are accurate that say Tebow wanted to be able to return to Florida. If the reports saying Tebow can pick his team, he may indeed pick the Jacksonville Jaguars over the New York Jets. We will have to wait just a bit longer to see where Tim Tebow ends up. What a shame, the city of New York could have used a Tim Tebow, heck every city could use a Tim Tebow..

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