It had to happen sooner or later, Tim Tebow has his own song!!!  TTTT Tebow and the Jets. A classic remake of the famous Elton John song high-lights Tim Tebow as a New York Jet. These guys over at Fan Anthems have a hit on their hands with this song. Fan Anthems is famous for making football songs. Last year they did it with a Packers song. This year it seems like they will be topping the charts with the new chart busting song TTT Tebow and the Jets.

Hey, Tebow and the Jets is a great song, if you are a Tim Tebow fan you have got to get yourself a copy. Check it out there are two ways to get your hands on this song right now. It is available at Amazon or I tunes. Check it out right here…..Tebow and the Jets / The Tim Tebow Song or if you rather use Itunes you can get your hands on it here…

Need-less to say Fan Anthems have got a hit on their hands for sure with Tebow and The Jets…. For less than a buck you can get your own copy, just follow the links….

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