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NFL16 Cherry Picks W15: Young Guns Blazing But Stars Tom Brady, Big Ben, Eli & Aaron Stand Ready

Youth is being served-up to NFL fans in smorgasbord style, but the veteran QBs may have the final say on who feasts and who sits out the Super Buffet. Minute Waltz – ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W13: Will Dak-Delirium Finally Get Jason Witten That Ring?

There’s been alot written lately about Dallas Cowboys back-up quarterback, Tony Romo. Even more written on his resplendent rookie teammates in Ezekiel Elliott and starting QB, Rayne Dakota Prescott. Too much written ...

NFL16: In Deferring to Dakota, Tony Romo Fails the Grit-Test

He didn’t take many questions in Tuesday’s press conference. Instead, Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback for the past decade, Tony Romo, read a statement. And he got goods reviews from press corps and ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W7: Dallas QB Dilemma Asks, ‘What Would Tony Do?’

If you like to write and then have a habit of coupling that hobby with a love for everything that is the NFL, everything, that is, except Disney (ESPN) and Deion Sanders ...

NFL16: The History of the Decline & Fall of the Cowboys’ Empire?

Some’ll read this title and say, ‘Au contraire, Steven, the Dallas Cowboys are far from decline (the rise part, that’s implied (See; Gibbon)), they’re NFL’s most valuable commodity.’ In other words, ‘you’re ...

NFL15 Minute Waltz W16: Bengals Nor Broncos a House of Cards

Besides the inevitable pink-slip or encouraged exit, it’s the biggest fear of every NFL head coach, that his starting quarterback will go down & out for extended time with an injury. In ...

Brandon Weeden
Cowboys falling behind with Brandon Weeden at the helm, Jerry Jones has to be disappointed.

The Dallas Cowboys have lost their last 3-games with Brandon Weeden playing quarterback. Weeden’s latest numbers suggest the Dallas Cowboys don’t trust Weeden playing QB. In yesterday’s loss to the New England ...

NFL15 Cherry Division: Echoes of ’67, with Gloves

Reconstructing Legacies It’s won’t be the Ice Bowl (‘67), and the “tundra” won’t be “frozen” when Dallas takes to Lambeau Field Sunday to face long-time rival Green Bay, not unless the forecast ...

NFL15 Wild Cherry Picks: “Got (Destiny)?”

New Beginnings It’s a whole new season, the NFL playoffs. For the player, his body’s telling him it’s time to pack it in for winter, catch up on sleep, reacquaint w/friends & ...

Brandon Weeden sucks as an NFL quarterback
Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are learning the hard way that Brandon Weeden is not a capable back-up. They should trade for Johnny Manziel.

Brandon Weeden did what Brandon Weeden does best, while filling in for the injured Tony Romo. Weeden threw 2 interceptions, and he came up with a loss for the Cowboys. Weeden did ...

NFL14 Cherry Picks W9: Contender Poor

The Great Pretender(s) You might’ve heard Carl Sandburg’s famous line, “Sometime they’ll give a war and no one will come (The People, Yes (‘36)).” Not as serious but in that same vane: ...

Colt McCoy
Quarterback Colt McCoy leads the Washington Redskins past Tony Romo, Brandon Weeden and the Dallas Cowboys 20-17 in overtime win.

Quarterback Colt McCoy will remember his return to Texas for a long, long time. He was the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins, who only had 2 wins this season before heading ...

Tony Romo
It’s a new season for the Dallas Cowboys, but it is the same old Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys opened their 2014 NFL season with a loss. The fans can thank the Quarterback Tony Romo. He threw 3 interceptions and with that, he handed the game to the ...

Brandon Weeden learning in dallas
Dallas Cowboys QB Brandon Weeden said; I think being smart aggressive vs. being dumb aggressive is two different things.”

Sometimes the Brandon Weeden jokes, have a way of writing themselves. Weeden is with the Dallas Cowboys now, and he claims to be learning something from a very smart Tony Romo. After ...

Dallas Cowboys need to beg kyle orton to play
Jerry Jones better get down on both knees and beg Kyle Orton to play. Otherwise the Cowboys could be forced to used Brandon Weeden at that would suck.

Imagine standing on the Dallas Cowboys side-line, and not having to play unless of injury, and collecting 3.25 million dollars for your efforts. Not a bad gig right? Then way is Kyle ...

The Dallas Cowboys can't be serious about Brandon Weeden
Either the Dallas Cowboys want to increase their interceptions or they are trying to force Kyle Orton with this Brandon Weeden talk.

The Dallas Cowboys can’t be serious about signing Brandon Weeden. They must be trying to force Kyle Orton into returning to the team. The Cowboys already have enough problems throwing interceptions, and ...

Scott Linehan cowboys passing coordinator
The Dallas Cowboys named Scott Linehan as the team’s passing game coordinator.Can he stop the Romo late game mistakes?

The Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t give the Cleveland Browns permission to talk to the teams offensive coordinator. Yet they felt the need to bring in Scott Linehan  and name him as the teams ...

Tony Romo
Cowboys fans can’t blame the season on Kyle Orton Romo set Dallas up for failure.

Sure Kyle Orton threw the interception that brought the Dallas Cowboys season to an end. But you can’t place the blame on another failed season on him. Tony Romo had a season ...

Tony Romo Interception
Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboy you can’t trust when the game is on the line.

You just can’t believe Tony Romo is the guy the Dallas Cowboys gave the 120 million dollar contract extension can you? Come on, you can tell us. The guy is not a ...

Tony Romo got beat on prime time once again
Romo’s lack of effort is obvious this season. Great quarterbacks find a way to win. Not the case with Romo.

Here we go again, another miserable prime time performance by Tony Romo who is suppose to get it done for Dallas. After all, Jerry Jones pays him enough money to be something ...

Tony Romo sucks
Tony Romo was totally out played by Drew Brees and the Saints. I’ll bet the Cowboys are glad they gave him the money.

Tony Romo played like crap in New Orleans last night. He doesn’t belong on the same field as Drew Brees and he certainly doesn’t belong in the same pay category as him ...

Tony Romo sucks
Romo, the highly over-rated,highly over-paid Dallas quarterback was out classed in Detroit.

Tony Romo continues to prove his critics right. He can’t win the big game. He was completely out-classed by Matthew Stafford in Detroit. Romo should be giving back half his money, because ...

Nick Foles will beat the cowboys
The Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 3 over the Cowboys, this has to be the Nick Foles affect.

The 3-3 Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 3 points over the 3-3 Dallas Cowboys. This has to be the effect of Nick Foles starting for Kelly’s Eagles. It isn’t often that a ...

Nick Foles
How does Chip Kelly not go with Nick Foles against the Cowboys? It’s a must with the way Foles played.

Chip Kelly had to see what he liked out of his back up quarterback Nick Foles. Now Kelly has to make the decision who to start against the Dallas Cowboys, if Kelly ...

Tony Romo
I don’t trust Tony Romo any more than I do Joe Flacco or Matt Schaub

Some say Rono will never win a Super Bowl for Dallas,I have a different take on the game—not on Romo, though; I AGREE!! I don’t trust him any more than I do ...

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