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NFL16 Cherry Picks W10: Heavy Mettle Jams Make For a Super Slate

Mettle game: A sporting contest where both teams have previously demonstrated a capacity for exceptional play but a showing that has either, 1) been lacking in its consistency (losses), or 2) not ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W6: ‘Dr. (Dart) or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Pocket)’

Rabbit Test With most amateur coaches today nixing the quarterback model that’s play-oriented, teaching intensive and preparatory for pro-style pocket-passer, opting instead for Coach-Lite®, i.e., chisel on the job specs in relying ...

NFL16: Is There Really a Clutch Gene in the Strands?

Clutch Cargo ‘NEWS FLASH! Roxanne Vivid (anchor): This just in. Some curious news from the science bunch. Craig, what do you have that’s exciting? Craig Wherewithall (reporter): Yes, Roxanne. Exciting? Possibly. A ...

NFL16 – SB50: Cam Cues Days of Dash

Modern Maximus at 50 Ancient Rome had it’s Circus Maximus where chariots raced, gladiators got jugular, arts performed, gods were honored and general revelry ensued for the masses. We have our “great ...

NFL15 Minute Waltz: It’s Carroll-ing Time!

It’s not exactly trending topic on Twitter but then somebody‘s gotta’ ask the question: Where o’ where have all the holiday carolers gone? Caroling was a rare happening back in the 60s ...

Homer or Hater, History Will Love the New England Patriots

“Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.” Gen. George S. Patton (’43), as portrayed by George C. Scott (“Patton (’70)”). Things were alot clearer back in 1943, not always ...

Pete Carroll
Why did Pete Carroll let his Seattle Seahawks throw the football from the 1 yard line was it to let Russell Wilson become the hero?

The Seattle Seahawks had another magical season. They accomplished something many NFL teams have failed to do. They returned to the Super Bowl as the defending Super Bowl Champions.  Pete Carroll had ...

NFL15 Cherry Cherry & Lost Super Bowl 49

Call it the Damn Shame Bowl. Super Bowl 49’s match-up looks a dandy. Stellar class. The Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots portends to be a glittering gem in NFL’s cavalcade ...

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson gets his Seattle Seahawks back to the Super-Bowl by working over-time.

It has to be time, to consider Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson as one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. He marched his Seattle Seahawks into the end-zone in over-time to steal the ...

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers get shocked in over-time by the Seattle Seahawks.

When Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers traveled to Seattle to take on the Seahawks, in the NFC Championship game, they knew it would be tough to win there. But Rodgers ...

NFL15 Cherry Best: Hoisting Halas & Hunt

The Whittle Down The CFP Committee couldn’t have chosen a better foursome, had they been given the task of selecting a college-style, coffee klatch of teams (4) for the NFL’s AFC – NFC ...

NFL15 Wild Cherry Picks: “Got (Destiny)?”

New Beginnings It’s a whole new season, the NFL playoffs. For the player, his body’s telling him it’s time to pack it in for winter, catch up on sleep, reacquaint w/friends & ...

NFL14 Cherry Picks W14: “Kingdom for a (QB)!”

Quarterback Crude “A (quarterback, a quarterback), my kingdom for a (quarterback).” That’s word-play on the famous line from Shakespeare’s work, Richard III (A5, S4). Edward de Vere (1550-1604), 17th Earl of Oxford ...

NFL’14 Cherry Picks W6: The New Belichick?

“Nam-myōhō-renge-kyō, nam-myōhō-renge-kyō, nam-myōhō-renge-kyō,…” Seattle Mist: You can feel their prowess growing bigger by the week, their mystique hanging over the League like a heavy mist rolling in off the Sound. With just ...

Terrell Pryor traded to the seahawks
When the Seattle Seahawks acquired Terrelle Pryor is wasn’t to compete for the starting QB job held by Russell Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks picked up quarterback Terrelle Pryor, from the Oakland Raiders for next to nothing. Sources are reporting the Seahawks gave up a 7th round pick for him. Now the question ...

Russell WIlson took a shower at half time of the super bowl
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson explains why he took a shower during half time at the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson decided to take a shower during the half time break at the Super Bowl . When asked why he took a shower in a recent interview, Wilson ...

Russell Wilson won a super Bowl ring
Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl champion in his second season in the NFL. Why? Because he believed.

Russell Wilson in his second NFL season won a Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks completely out played the much more experienced Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 48. Russell Wilson asked his teammate ...

Russell Wilson doesn't have the arm strength
Does Russell Wilson have the arm strength to do battle against Peyton Manning? Many don’t think so.

Russell Wilson will try to do battle against the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl Wilson has the heart of a warrior. This guys will to win is second ...

Russell Wilson
Growing up Wilson is what got Russell the Seahawks quarterback to where he is today.

Russell Wilson was born to play sports. You could say it runs in the family. His father, who passed away in 2010 was a great athlete too. But his dream was to ...

Derrick Coleman
Don’t tell Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman they can’t win the NFC Championship. He’ll prove you wrong again.

Derrick Coleman, the deaf running back for the Seattle Seahawks, can’t hear how loud their 12th man is. Coleman has to read Wilson’s lips win he changes the play at the line ...

Marshawn Lynch
Beat Russell Wilson & the Seattle Seahwaks at home you can forget about it.

Russell Wislon has his Seattle Seahawks within one game of going to the Super Bowl. The team that thinks they are going to march into Seattle and beat the Seahawks can forget ...

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks will have their hands full with the over confident Saints.

Last season Russell Wilson was one and one in the NFL play offs. This season Wilson looks like he learned from that experience. Wilson has to get his Seahawks offense moving early ...

Russell Wilson
Seattle has to do a better job protecting Russell Wilson against the Rams than they did Oct. 28th.

The Seattle Seahawks take on the St. Louis Rams and this time around the Seahawks have to do a better job keeping the Rams from hitting Russell Wilson. In the first match ...

Seahawks offensive line
Russell Wilson has his Seahawks offense playing dominant football. Are they Super Bowl Bound?

Russell Wilson has quickly turned into one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the NFL. Wilson’s performance against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints was nothing short of fantastic. The Seahawks ...

Russell Wilson
There is going to be a shoot out in Seattle tonight. Can the Seahawks continue to win at home? Will Wilson beat Drew Brees?

The Seattle Seahawks look to extend their undefeated season at home tonight, when they take on the New Orleans Saints. Wilson and company will be looking for win number 11. The Seahawks ...

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