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NFL15 Cherry Picks W12: Cards, Cats & Colby

For the first time in NFL15 it’s the National Conference that’s looking boss. Besides defending champ New England, who at 10-0, still ride atop the American and most team rankings, about the ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W11: Bad Blood

Purple Cheese “♫ Bad…BAD…blood…BLOOD, is takin’ you for a ride, The only good thing about bad blood is lettin’ it slide (N.Sedaka ‘75)) ♫.” Schedulers at NFL Central tabbed Week 17, the ...

NFL15-W1 HunchLine: Minute Waltz

Good Spot New England Patriots Sure, Brady’s win in Rd-2 of Deflategate was, in Bart Simpson® vernacular, awesome, for Tom and all camped in his corner (See also; NFL bean-counters), but the ...

Bills Like IKE: 2nd Chance or Free Pass?

It’s been the talk of town, New York town, that is, for good part of this past week. And it’s likely to have some traction running well into the NFL 2015 season. ...

Canton 2016: Think Buddy Ryan

It’s August, a time of preparation for the coming autumn change. Plants, wildlife and insects are doing all their things in appreciation of a limited lifespan and anticipating the coming cold. Farmers ...

NFL15: Bills Ryan Tops Coaches on the Cue

The hot seat: That’s the term of the trade, coaching, that is. Specifically, a term of warning that means, he, maybe she someday the way things are moving (See; Welter (AZ) & ...

Rivalries That Rock the Sporting Scene

What, with all the Brady bashing going on these days, it’s gotten this sport fan to thinking: Why all the hostility? Because America won’t abide a cheater? That’s cute. First, think of ...

The New York Jets should fire Rex Ryan
Isn’t it time the New York Jets rid themselves of Rex Ryan?

What possible reason, can the New York Jets give us for keeping Rex Ryan as their head coach? Ryan is off to a 1-6 start this season, and the Jets are 0-3 ...

Mark Sanchez feels like he got screwed by the Jets
Mark Sanchez feels like he was screwed by the New York Jets and head coach Rex Ryan.

Former New York Jets QB, Mark Sanchez, feels like he got screwed by the team and his former head coach Rex Ryan. It all started last season when Sanchez suffered an injury ...

Rex Ryan
A look back at the moves of Rex Ryan & his New York Jets.

The e-mail I sent to you guys before the season started when I said Idzik needed to fire Rex and keep Revis to my surprise got published. I never saw that coming. ...

Geno Smith
Geno Smith earned his NFL wings when his Jets down the Patriots, they are now his Jets.

There should no longer be any questions about Geno Smith being the Jets quarterback. He won the job this season and he has taken the team to 4-3 this season. There was ...

Geno Smith is the real deal
Geno Smith is the real deal and he got his New York Jets a win over the Falcons 30-28.

When Geno Smith was taken by the New York Jets this year, he said he would help this team transition into winners. The Jets are now 3-2 and Smith is a key ...

Geno Smith vs Brady
Geno Smith game 2, can he beat the Patriots in Foxboro? We’re gonna see tonight.

If Jets QB Geno Smith can take his team into Foxboro and come away with a win tonight Sanchez can forget about ever playing quarterback in New York again. Smith brings a ...

Geno Smith starts
With Jets QB Geno Smith getting the start against the Giants, should Mark Sanchez be packing his bags?

When Rex Ryan named rookie Geno Smith as the team’s starting  quarterback Saturday night against the Giants, Sanchez had to have felt his heart drop into his stomach. Some are saying the ...

Mark Sanchez needs to go
It is time for the New York Jets to part ways with Mark Sanchez, he is a distraction. Then get rid of Rex Ryan while you’re at it.

It is starting to become clear in New York that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and I use the term loosely, is part of the problem, not the solution. Sanchez is being out played ...

Rex Ryan should be fired
You know what the problme in the NFL is? They keep seeing the wrong Ryan getting fired. It’s Rex Ryan who needs to go.

It is almost funny to hear Rob Ryan speaks out about how it is going to be pay-back time when his new team the Saints play the Dallas Cowboys. What is even ...

Tim Tebow Cut
What’s next for Tim Tebow? Does his love of GOD scare the NFL?

One day after the New York Jets released Tim Tebow, some are saying his days in the NFL are over. Are these people serious? Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the NFL ...

Geno Smith to the jets
The worse thing that could have happened to Geno Smith in the draft, happened. He is now part of a 3 ring circus called the Jets

You could tell, Geno Smith was more than a little disappointed when, he wasn’t taken in the first round of the NFL draft. The question I have to ask now is, if ...

Dee Milliner To The Jets
The New York Jets wasted Little time filling the shoes of Darrelle Revis with Dee Milliner. Is this a good pick?

The New York Jets took Dee Milliner in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft. Many thought the team made a mistake when they traded their shut down corner-back Darrelle Revis, ...

Darrelle Revis to stay in New York
In the end it looks like Darrelle Revis may get what he always wanted, to stay in New York. Why is anyone’s guess.

Since day one of the off-season Darrelle Revis said he wanted to stay with the New York Jets. Why a corner-back with his talents want to remain in the big Apple is ...

Jets Tweet for help
The New York Jets Have Taken To Twitter To Ask What They Should Do in Free Agency. (Picture)

The New York Jets Continue To Embarrass Themselves.  It is becoming a giant comedy in the Big Apple. The Official Twitter account of the New York Jets sent out a tweet asking ...

Rex Ryan
Is The Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan So Bad That Tom Heckert Didn’t Even Want To Be Named The Teams G.M.?

When Tom Heckert canceled his interview with the New York Jets, many wondered if he didn’t want to work with Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Ever since the Jets named Ryan the ...

Rex Ryan
Do You Really Think John Idzik Is Going To Turn The New York Jest Around? They Need A Head Coach With Balls.

John Idzik’s first day at the Jets facility was spent putting out fires. It seems like Darrelle Revis is upset about possible trade rumors. That is and has been part of the ...

Rex Ryan
How Did Rex Ryan Avoid Being Fired? The Jets Owner Must Love Clowns

With all the NFL coaches that have been fired this week you have to wonder why the New York Jets didn’t fire Rex Ryan. Once again the teams locker room was more ...

Tim Tebow 2
Is It Tim Tebow’s Faith In God That Makes Him An Easy Target With His Jets Teammates?

Tim Tebow is once again the target of unnecessary criticism.  This time it is an article containing statements from cowards in the New York Jets locker room that don’t even have the ...

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