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NFL17 – SB51: Lombardi’s Legend Lives But It’s Bill Belichick’s Trophy Now, Vince

When the Big Game (SB51) is over n’ done, when all the “whohoopers” have blown and “tartookas” have bung, when the champions raise the Lombardi as a prize they’ve just won, serious ...

NFL17 Division Cherry Picks: Chaff Aside & Eight Seeds Alive, Goddess Ceres Asks, ‘Who’s Got Destiny?’

Green Bay Packers New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks They are the juggernauts, winners of four (4) of the last eight (8), seven (7) of the last thirteen (13) NFL championships ...

NCAAF16: Bad Karma Behind the Brian Kelly – Notre Dame Blues?

Karmic Backlash It’s become standard operating procedure today for many in the mainstream and social media, that when a public figure makes a misstep or puts them self too far ahead of ...

NCAAF.16: It’s Saban, Meyer,..then Everyone Else in FBS-D1

I’m not one to watch CNBC and the like. That goes for most TV today. Can’t stand the ADD-delivery, the lies (faux-reality), the dumb-down (The Simpsons) and the double-dipping (commercials and monthly ...

Chin Music: Pigskin or Cowhide, Bama’s Ball Country

Alabama. The name itself has its origin in the Choctaw Indian language, then reflecting Spanish, French and English influence from exploration & settlement beginning around the mid-1500s. Its meaning is not entirely ...

NFL14 Cherry Picks W17: Why Divisions? States United

“Sea to Shining Sea” Bemoaning & Groaning have been the grumpy guests at NFL gatherings in recent weeks as the League’s divisional alignment and its role in playoff birthing is once again ...

Peyton Manning & Adam Gase are being investigated by the NFL
Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and OC Adam Gase center of NFL rules violation investigation.

The Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and the teams offensive coordinator, Adam Gase are being investigated by the NFL for a potential NFL Rules Violation. The two went to Tuscaloosa, Ala. to ...

Johnny Red Flag

Johnny Football’s gotta’ go. The name, that is, and it’s about time. The eligibility thing? NCAA will settle that question. You’ve gotta’ earn a handle like “Johnny Football,” and frankly, John Manziel ...

Nick Saban2
Is Nick Saban Done In Alabama? The Cleveland Browns Hope so..

Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide just won their 3rd BCS title in the last four years. What does Sabin have left to prove at the College level? The Tide didn’t ...

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