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NFL17 Pre-Play: Bloom Is Off But Arians Still In League’s Elite Coach Class

NFL 2017 head coach ranking with Bruce Arians of Arizona Cardinals @ #5: 1) Bill Belichick, New England Patriots 2) Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks 3) Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers 4) John ...

NFL15 Minute Waltz W17: Too Much Genius

Wow Bill Belichick The setting: NFL15 over-time (20 all), Week 16, Patriots at the Jets. New England wins the coin-flip. But rather than choosing to receive the ball, you choose instead to ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W16: Super Sizing

Measuring the Material Maybe you’re not buying any new cloths this holiday season. Some don’t. You’re one of those rare individuals whose wardrobe is A-okay. You’re covered: No frays, no tears, not ...

NFL15 Minute Waltz W16: Bengals Nor Broncos a House of Cards

Besides the inevitable pink-slip or encouraged exit, it’s the biggest fear of every NFL head coach, that his starting quarterback will go down & out for extended time with an injury. In ...

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NFL15 Minute Waltz: “Gang-Way!”

Look Alive! It’s what sets hearts aglow and spirits a rockin’ more than any other holiday treat. The lights, they’re terrific. Strung on a Christmas tree, draped on shrubbery or the candled ...

Bills Like IKE: 2nd Chance or Free Pass?

It’s been the talk of town, New York town, that is, for good part of this past week. And it’s likely to have some traction running well into the NFL 2015 season. ...

NFL14 Cherry Picks W8: Green Bay Gouda

Semi-Hard Chocolate, it’s good stuff. Some of it’s even good for you (70% cocoa). Bread is the staff of life, if it’s whole grain (See; gluten-sensitivity). Beer is a gift from the ...

Mark Sanchez feels like he got screwed by the Jets
Mark Sanchez feels like he was screwed by the New York Jets and head coach Rex Ryan.

Former New York Jets QB, Mark Sanchez, feels like he got screwed by the team and his former head coach Rex Ryan. It all started last season when Sanchez suffered an injury ...

Eric Decker let his greed take over
Former Broncos WR Eric Decker let his greed for money overshadow his own abilities.

Eric Decker went for the money. He is now a New York Jet and will be playing his football in a hostile environment. Decker let his greed for money get the best ...

Rex Ryan
A look back at the moves of Rex Ryan & his New York Jets.

The e-mail I sent to you guys before the season started when I said Idzik needed to fire Rex and keep Revis to my surprise got published. I never saw that coming. ...

Andy Dalton 5 touchdown passes
Bengals Andy Dalton does a great Peyton Manning impersonation and throws 5 Td’s to get win.

Where did this version of Andy Dalton come from? He must have watched all those Peyton Manning touchdown passes this season and decided he wanted to know what it felt like to ...

Geno Smith
Odds makers not giving Geno Smith and the New York Jets the respect they deserve. The Jets only favored by 1 point in week 6.

Geno Smith and his 3 & 2 New York Jets take on the 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers in week 6. Smith and his Jets aren’t getting the respect they deserve. The odds makers ...

Bill Cowher
Bill Cowher will be part of the CBS broadcast when the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New York Jets Sunday.

Bill Cowher has done a great job not weighing in too much about the way Mike Tomlin has coached the team since he left his post as the head coach of the ...

Matt Ryan fralcons lose
It was a bad night to be an Atlanta fan last night, The Falcons lost to add to the misery.

1-4, This is the record for the Atlanta Falcons. Can you believe it? The Falcons couldn’t stop Geno Smith and the New York Jets from handing the team their fourth loss of ...

Geno Smith is the real deal
Geno Smith is the real deal and he got his New York Jets a win over the Falcons 30-28.

When Geno Smith was taken by the New York Jets this year, he said he would help this team transition into winners. The Jets are now 3-2 and Smith is a key ...

Geno Smith
Geno Smith, you have to stop throwing those interceptions.

Geno Smith, you can’t expect to win in the NFL when you keep on turning the ball over. You need to stop throwing interceptions. You can’t turn the ball over 3 times ...

Tom Brady beats the jets
Tom Brady and his rookie receivers got the win but it is too much of a struggle for the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady and his New England rookie receivers got a win against the New York Jets last night but it wasn’t easy. The Jets and Geno Smith gave the Patriots all they ...

Geno Smith vs Brady
Geno Smith game 2, can he beat the Patriots in Foxboro? We’re gonna see tonight.

If Jets QB Geno Smith can take his team into Foxboro and come away with a win tonight Sanchez can forget about ever playing quarterback in New York again. Smith brings a ...

Rex Ryan almost gets sanchez killed
If Rex Ryan’s job was trying to make his New York Jets look bad, it was a job well done. If not they should fire him already.

Rex Ryan’s plan to start Geno Smith at the quarterback position didn’t go exactly the way he thought it would. Smith still needs time in the NFL to figure out where not ...

Geno Smith starts
With Jets QB Geno Smith getting the start against the Giants, should Mark Sanchez be packing his bags?

When Rex Ryan named rookie Geno Smith as the team’s starting  quarterback Saturday night against the Giants, Sanchez had to have felt his heart drop into his stomach. Some are saying the ...

Mark Sanchez
Was the performance of Mark Sanchez in game 2 of the preseason enough to name him the team’s starter? No!!!

Mark Sanchez could have helped himself pull away from Geno Smith in the Jets quarterback competition with a good performance in the team’s second game of the preseason. Sanchez looked good in ...

Mark Sanchez needs to go
It is time for the New York Jets to part ways with Mark Sanchez, he is a distraction. Then get rid of Rex Ryan while you’re at it.

It is starting to become clear in New York that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and I use the term loosely, is part of the problem, not the solution. Sanchez is being out played ...

Rex Ryan should be fired
You know what the problme in the NFL is? They keep seeing the wrong Ryan getting fired. It’s Rex Ryan who needs to go.

It is almost funny to hear Rob Ryan speaks out about how it is going to be pay-back time when his new team the Saints play the Dallas Cowboys. What is even ...

Geno Smith to the jets
The worse thing that could have happened to Geno Smith in the draft, happened. He is now part of a 3 ring circus called the Jets

You could tell, Geno Smith was more than a little disappointed when, he wasn’t taken in the first round of the NFL draft. The question I have to ask now is, if ...

New York Jets draft
The Rebuilding of the New York Jets

Written By, Kevin – Staten Island, NY The first rule of rebuilding to me would be, “keep the best and dump the rest”. Of course with our long history of championship success ...

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