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NFL16 Cherry Picks W8: Poise’n in the Pocket, Philip Rivers Just Keeps Rollin’

Live-wire. Fully charged. Gung-ho, go-getter. The Decatur Dynamo. Jay Cutler’s bizarro-world opposite (Sorry JC, it‘s not you, it’s ‘dem (‘da Bears)). All tags that hang well on San Diego Chargers sanguine quarterback, ...

Mitch Moreland
Mitch Moreland I can’t stand him!!!

Written by; Clifford Santa Monica Let me begin by saying that—as a run producer—I can’t stand him…all the more so since he plays at a premium RBI position. His overall numbers aren’t ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W8: Psychology of Winning

In a time when sport stats suddenly went from being a straight-forward standard measure of performance to becoming an endless avalanche of esoteric acronyms that’re the be all and end all for ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W5: Feel No Pain

“Comfortably Numb” This week’s theme was served up in the early going in post-game interviews after Ravens Thursday night win in Pittsburgh (23-20 OT), a Steelers stumble due in some measure to ...

“Thanks a Bunch!:” Why We Love the NFL

While the amateurs (FBS) kicked-off their season Thursday night, the pros will begin their long procession towards Super Bowl 50 (Santa Clara (2.7)), a journey most football faithful hold as near & ...

Canton 2016: Think Buddy Ryan

It’s August, a time of preparation for the coming autumn change. Plants, wildlife and insects are doing all their things in appreciation of a limited lifespan and anticipating the coming cold. Farmers ...

MLB15 Chin Music: The Perfect Game That Wasn’t

Perfection. It’s a rare bird in this wild we call life, but it is out there, if you‘ve the inclination and eyes to spot it. The varieties are many. The following are ...

Major Sport in Las Vegas? Dicey Move

Seems just a matter of time before we hear the news that an NHL or NBA investment group has reached agreement with the Commissioner, player’s union and City officials to locate the ...

Rivalries That Rock the Sporting Scene

What, with all the Brady bashing going on these days, it’s gotten this sport fan to thinking: Why all the hostility? Because America won’t abide a cheater? That’s cute. First, think of ...

MLB15 Chin Music: Giants Formula No Secret

Three World Series titles in five seasons (2010, ‘12 & ‘14). That’s impressive stuff. And very satisfying too, especially for older Giants‘ fans, when you consider it took the East Coast transplants ...

The Eyes Have It: Booting Instant Replay

It happened again, another NFL game had its legitimacy forever thrown into question by a controversial, instant replay-aided ruling. The now infamous edict in the Cowboys – Packers divisional playoff game, disallowing ...

Chin Music: Pigskin or Cowhide, Bama’s Ball Country

Alabama. The name itself has its origin in the Choctaw Indian language, then reflecting Spanish, French and English influence from exploration & settlement beginning around the mid-1500s. Its meaning is not entirely ...

Max Scherzer dominates the Rays
Without question the magic of Max Scherzer has returned to the Detroit Tigers starting rotation.

Max Scherzer continues to amaze me as a pitcher. The Tigers blew away the Tampa Bay Rays last night, by a score of 8-1. Scherzer started for the Tigers and he pitched ...

Rick Porcello is on fire this season
What a season Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello is already having.

What can we say about Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello, that hasn’t already been proved out on the pitching mound this season. The guy is on fire and the flames he is throwing ...

Bob Feller statue
Remembering Cleveland Indian Bob Feller “The Man, The Myth, & The Legend”

Written By Carl Sengstock Growing up in Northeastern Ohio my friends and I had our heroes. I was born in 1950 so my baseball hero was Rocky Colavito. Little did I know ...

Joe Girardi should get suspended
MLB should suspend Yankees skipper Joe Girardi 10 games for allowing Pineda to cheat.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi should get a suspension from major league baseball for allowing Pineda to come out of the bull pen after warm-ups with pine tar on his neck. I said ...

John Farrell fined over replay remarks
Why should Red Sox manager John Farrell be fined because MLB can’t get the replay right?

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell,is being fined for the comments he made about the replay system, in major league baseball. Why should MLB fine Farrell because of their lack of consistency? It’s ...

Justin Verlander takes the loss against the Orioles
Who would have thought Justin Verlander would give the Detroit Tigers their 1st loss of the season?

The Detroit Tigers were beaten by the Baltimore Orioles and it was with the mighty, Justin Verlander on the mound. Who would have thought the Tigers first loss of the 2014 season ...

Max Scherzer can he improve over 2013?
The Detroit Tigers have watched Max Scherzer improve year after year. How can Scherger improve last season’s performance?

Throughout the history of Max Scherzer’s pitching career, the Detroit Tigers have seen him improve every season he has been with the team. Last season’s performance was no exception. The problem this ...

Alex Rodriguez walks out
Is Alex Rodriguez trying to get reinstated in Major League Baseball, or win an Academy Award for best actor? Enough already, get rid of A-Rod now, he is a cancer

How much more of this Alex Rodriguez drama are the American public going to stand for? This guy is putting himself in-line for an Academy Award for best new actor in a ...

alex rodriguez
How did Alex Rodriguez become the victim of MLB? This guy is insane, he needs to be banned for life.

All of the substance Alex Rodriguez ingested over his major league baseball career, must have affected his brain.  Rodriguez is presenting his case to the world as though he is the victim ...

Don Mattingly
Mattingly, what the f&^$ was he thinking?


small market teams
Can small market teams like the Indians compete in today’s MLB environment? Not Likely……

Anyone loving the Indians going into the wild card round with their 90 win season while lacking a single person on their roster worth spitting at (exaggeration but not by all that ...

Ian Kinsler
Ian Kinsler has a lot of nerve calling out the fans with the way he plays.

I have two observations to make about your rant. One is that, as you correctly pointed out, even though the stadium wasn’t filled to capacity for the game against the Angels this ...

YU DARVISH problme with A's

That said, the biggest beef the Rangers have should be with themselves. As I’ve said numerous times previously this is a mentally weak team whose record from the very beginning was little ...

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