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NBA15 Tip-Off: Top Storylines

“An old Indian game. It’s called put-the-ball-in-the-hole (“R.P. McMurphy“ to “Chief (One Flew Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest (’75))).” * * * * NBA 2015-16 is about to take the court. Camps have ...

LeBron James’ Lego® Legacy

To bump the World Cup off the anchor desk teleprompter in late June, well, such a story had better be one bodacious bit of breaking news. That’s what happened in the AM ...

Have a look at the Los Angeles Lakers new starting 5.

The Los Angeles Lakers may have more problems than who the next head coach of the team is going to be. The picture above, shows how some feel the team played this ...

Metta World Peace waived
There is no Peace for the L.A. Lakers, they have waived forward Metta World Peace

Things are changing fast for the Lakers. First they lost Howard and now the team has waved their forward, Metta World Peace. Who will become the new bad boy for the Lakers ...

Kobe Bryant
In a childish move Lakers Great Kobe Bryant UN-follows Dwight Howard on Twitter.

Just because Kobe Bryant didn’t get what he wanted with concerns to Dwight Howard re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, he decided to Un-follow him on Twitter. Bryant should have gave Howard ...

Kobe bryant injury
Is Kobe Bryant’s career over in L.A. or can the 34-year-old come back from an apparent ruptured Achilles tendon?

This isn’t the way Kobe Bryant thought the 2012-2013 season would end for him or his Los Angeles Lakers. The 34-year-old star, could be faced with a serious decision. If Bryant is ...

Kobe Bryant hurt ankle
Dahntay Jones said he would never intentionally hurt Kobe Bryant except in a NBA play-off in pursuit of a Championship game.

The last thing the Lakers needed was to see Kobe Bryant go down with a severely twisted ankle, Bryant is out and will be out for how ever long it takes for ...

Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard
Are Our Eyes Deceiving Us Or Are Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard Now Teammates?

The Lakers may have finally found something, it appears that Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant may have put their differences aside and decided to become teammates. This phenomenon took place shortly after ...

Kobe Bryant’s 33 Points Helps His Lakers Win Their 29th Game, They’re Almost To .500

The Lakers are on the move. With Kobe Bryant’s 33 points the Lakers powered past the Timberwolves 116-94. The Lakers are now one game shy of the .500 mark. Bryant said he ...

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Should Get Some Defensive Advice from Phil Jackson.

There is no secret about Kobe Bryant’s promise that the Los Angeles Lakers making the play offs this season. If Bryant is going to live up to his word, the Lakers better ...

Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard
Has Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard Actually Become Real Teammates Since The All-Star Break?

It looks like Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard have finally figured it out. They could be teammates ant together they could help the Los Angeles Lakers win basketball games. The Lakers are ...

Trade Dwight Howard
Could The Performance Of Dwight Howard Against The Celtics Last Night Be Because Of Phil Jackson’s Advice?

Could it be the Los Angeles Lakers took the advice of Phil Jackson who said the Lakers were not using Dwight Howard correctly in l.A. that helped him have one of his ...

Kobe Bryant
Ladies & Gentlemen,Introducing The Real G.M. Of The Los Angeles Lakers Mr. Kobe Bryant, He Gives His Blessing To Trade Dwight Howard.

It’s Kobe’s team and never think otherwise. I am amazed that the late owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jerry Buss didn’t leave Bryant the team in his last will and testament. ...

Kobe Bryant & LeBron James
Kobe Bryant Proves Jordan’s Point Against Lebron James In All Star Game.

If you watched the NBA All-Star game last night you would have seen Kobe Bryant beat LeBron James in the 4th quarter if the game . It sure looked like Bryant took ...

Michael Jordan
Was Michael Jordan Being Lazy In His Analysis Of LeBron James & Kobe Bryant In Only Counting Rings?

Written By Clifford Santa Monica I’ve always thought using “How many rings does he have?”  as the litmus test of an individual’s greatness is mentally lazy. In other words, if you can’t ...

Steve Nash
Kobe Bryant’s ball hogging has caused Steve Nash to morph into Steve Blake…

Written By Clifford Santa Monica, Nash’s pedestrian performances this year can be attributed mainly to two things:   1)      His age 2)      The fact that he shares the court with Kobe Bean ...

Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard
What’s Next For Lakers Great Kobe Bryant Now That He’s Got Dwight Howard’s Father Pissed Off?

One of the biggest problems the Los Angeles Lakers have faced this season is Kobe Bryant’s mouth. It started with his criticism of former coach Mike Brown then it transferred to his ...

Kobe Bryant hurt ankle
As The Lakers Took A Beating By The Celtics, It’s Becoming Clear That Kobe Bryant Is Part Of The Problem, Not The Solution.

The Lakers took a good ole fashion butt kicking at the hands of the Boston Celtics last night. They got beat 116 to 95 in a game that many of the Los ...

Pau Gasol
What’s Next For The Injury Riddled Lakers? Gasol Likely To Miss A Month

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t need any more bad news this season. With Dwight Howard taking special shots in his shoulder a head coach that can’t get his team headed in the ...

“We really wanted to make it

Originally, the Pittsburgh Crawfords team was composed of amateurs from the sandlots of the city’s Hill district. Later, they became one of the most formidable and dominating teams of the mid-1930s. They ...

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant & His Lakers,After-all They Are His Lakers Aren’t they?

written by, Clifford Santa Monica In their victory over the Thunder this afternoon, Kobe Bryant had 21 points, 14 assists and nine rebounds showing that (perhaps) he’s finally gotten it through his ...

Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard
Now The Lakers Are Having Team Meetings Where Kobe Bryant Confronts Dwight Howard, What’s Next? Another Loss

The L.A. Lakers continued to lose basketball games. Last night they lost another game, this time the team decided to have a meeting to air out their past frustrations. In the meeting ...

Trade Dwight Howard
To Trade Dwight Howard Or Not To Trade Dwight Howard, Doesn’t It All Depend On What Kobe Bryant Wants?

How many times have we heard about trading Dwight Howard? The Lakers really wanted the NBA’s Super Man. Now that they got him the old saying comes to mind, “Be Careful What ...

Mike D'Antoni is pissed off
The Lakers Fall Short Again, Is It Time To Fire Mike D’Antoni?

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost to the Chicago Bulls. It is clearly evident that they hired the wrong head coach.  Mike D’Antoni is not an improvement over Mike Brown who they ...

Metta World Peace
Is Kobe Bryant Pointing Fingers At His Lakers Teammates When He Says They Need To Step It Up?

The Lakers are now 17-23 on the season after their last loss to the Raptors. Kobe was already asking for more help from his teammates before the game even took place. Bryant ...

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