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Tokyo, Japan (Aug. 1, 2003) -- Cmdr. Brian Corey, Executive Officer of the ÒGolden DragonsÓ of Strike Fighter Squadron One Ninety Two (VFA-192), discusses coaching strategies in the Tokyo Dome with Head Coach John Gruden of the National Football League (NFL) Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Personnel assigned to Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5) were invited to the dome to meet with the players of both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and The New York Jets.  Both teams will meet in tomorrowÕs Tokyo Bowl for a preseason National Football League (NFL) game.  U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 3rd Class John E. Woods.  (RELEASED)
NFL18: Wild West as Chiefs Roll Dice On QB and Raiders Gamble On a Gruden Return

The upstart AFL was never too tied to tradition to forgo taking a gamble or two. That was a pretty typical tack for any entity trying to survive in those days when ...

Jan 19, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles new head coach Doug Pederson is introduced to the media at the NovaCare Complex . Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
NFL18: It’s a Famine State On Franchise QBs As the Eagles Have a Field-General Feast

Some call it a quandary, a quarterback conundrum in Eagles-land. With two 6’5” Pro-Bowl signal-callers likely to be vying for the champion E-Birds starters spot come summer camp, one of them a ...

NFL18 Super Cherry Jam; Eagles Win Proves Pocket-Passer Is Still Surest Route To The Promised Land

The Take from Super Bowl 52? The Eagles don’t even get close to the Lombardi trophy with a run-QB subbing for the injured Carson Wentz on short-notice. Not a snowball’s chance in ...

NFL Conference Cherry Picks: “Who’s Your Daddy?” Founders Halas & Hunt Are Who

Every NFL fan knows, the most anticipated games of the season are the Conference meets, American and National title tussles. The caliber of competition is at its peak for sure. Just as ...

NFL18 Division Cherry Picks: No Favre or Peterson Present But Revenge May Factor In Saints @ Vikings

And then there were eight. The NFL 2018 Divsional playoff round looks pretty competitive, if your glims are gandering at the National Football Conference side of things. Atlanta @ Philly, the Saints ...

NFL18 Wild Cherry Picks: ‘Surprise Surprise Surprise,’ Injuries Have These Playoffs Gomer-ized

The NFL 2018 playoff pool is not without its familiar faces in teams like the Patriots (#1 AFC seed) and their SB51 NFC opponent, the Atlanta Falcons (Wild Card), but not in ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W17: Like Unique Gifts & Good Men, A Franchise QB Is ‘Hard to Find’

Ever wonder why a quarterback’s never been drafted U.S. President? They’re popular enough, the well-decorated variety, anyway. Most signal-callers possess a pretty good leadership ability. Most of ‘em, not all (See; JohnnyManziel ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W16: Gurley’s the Guy But Houseman MVP Meter Says It’s Brady’s To Lose

He’s been the most valuable player on the League’s best team in NFL 2017 and in the running for the AP – MVP award nearly every year since he first laced ‘em ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W15: Oh By Gosh By Golly, It’s Time For Favorites & Fantasy Folly

For most fans who heavily vest in NFL 2017-18, they’ve three favorite things come the holidays: 1) A matriculatory quarteback to run their team’s offense, i.e., moves the chains & master the ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W14: MIN @ CAR, PHI @ LAR Marquee Week’s Heavy Mettle Jams

It’s the NFC North leading Minnesota Vikings (10-2) versus Southern stalwart the Carolina Panthers (8-4) in the League’s marquee match-up for their Week 14 slate of games, one smothered high with like ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W13: Not Exactly N.Korea Nukes But Eli Benching Is One Giant Cloud o’ Controversy

It’s not exactly news of North Korea and the dangerous game of nuclear chicken they’ve been playing with America and the rest of the free, rational world. It’s not of the plethora ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W12: Frothy NFC Fast Filling Its Half of Super 6-Pack

NFL 2017: What a difference (less than) a year can make. At the ¾ mark in this NFL season (Week 12), it is the NFC flexing its football foritude, showcasing, as I ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W10: It’s Elementary, Watson, Poise’n-In-the-Pocket Is the Cure

It’d be easy for Houston Texans to get gloomy about the Deshaun Watson injury, an ACL tear that occurred in practice after their W9 nail-bitter loss in Seattle. But it’s not all ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W9: It’s Paradise Found For Gridiron Leg-Men In London Town

One man’s punter whipping-boy can be another’s perfect athlete. That’s the case for NFL kickers when they sail off USA shore to the other side of the pond. — — — NFL ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W8: An 18-Year Feast But Still No Bliss Point For Brady Fans

It may now be that time for Tom Brady, after eighteen seasons of uninterrupted stellar quarterback play, to get tagged with that special moniker, the one that naturally bestows upon a fabulous ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W7: Minus Rodgers, Packer-Backers Brace For Future Shock

For the Green Bay Packers and their frothy fandom, NFL 2017 has poured them a big brimming beverage of Future Shock to imbibe. Drink up, blessed ones. But the title of their ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W6: Skin CAN Be Topical, When Thickness Is the Theme

We’re 1/3rd the way through NFL 2017 and only the Kansas City Chiefs’ mark remains, like that rare high school mug, unblemished (5-0), having skillfully avoided the deflating though brief malaise that ...

Israeli woman patting her daughter after qassam hit the center southern town of Sderot, the qassam fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza, March 09, 2001. Photo by Edi Israel / Israelnewsphotos.com
NFL17 Cherry Picks W5: Post-Tragedy, Sport Isn’t So Trivial As Tonic, Even With Knee-Jerks & Blessed Bullies

In wake of the Las Vegas massacre last Sunday, NFL athletes have an opportunity to ditch the arrogance, find light in the darkness, take hold of truth and stand together for hope. ...

NFL17 Cherry Picks W4: ‘Comes The Revolution?’ Not Without Message of Hope

Last season ex-QB Colin Kaepernick took a knee. Last week President Donald Trump reflected on the protest at a political rally by putting a foot (in his mouth). His words then incited ...

NFL17 Pre-Play: Bloom Is Off But Arians Still In League’s Elite Coach Class

NFL 2017 head coach ranking with Bruce Arians of Arizona Cardinals @ #5: 1) Bill Belichick, New England Patriots 2) Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks 3) Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers 4) John ...

NFL17 Pre-Play: Nobody Bullied the Beav and No One Needles the NFL, Kaep Krew

If you’re an NFL fan or root for Colin Kaepernick, not always mutually exclusive mental states, and feed those foibles by perusing online sport sites, you’ll know it has become common in ...

NFL17 Pre-Play: Cannabis, Chronic Player Pain and a National Conundrum

Mention marijuana (cannabis) to most NFL players and you’re likely to get a positive response, no pun intended. Classified a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act, based largely on ...

NFL17 Pre-Play: Triumvirate Intact, Patriots Grip On Power Remains Firm

Hail the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft! Never in the history of sport has a tightly-woven triad of money (owner), brain (coach) & brawn (player) so effectively ...

NFL17: Adrian Peterson Pressing For Saint-hood On a 2d Miracle Comeback

Adrian Peterson v. Marshawn Lynch If the New Orleans Saints new superstar in Adrian Peterson can pull off yet another miracle comeback like he did in 2015 when, post serious knee injury ...

NFL17: Draft Dogs and Pony Show to Exhibit at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Gotta’ hand it to the curators of the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, they can spin friggin’ straw into freakin’ gold, holy Rumpelstiltskin! With a player product possessing of such a high degree ...

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