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NFL17 Cherry Picks W13: Not Exactly N.Korea Nukes But Eli Benching Is One Giant Cloud o’ Controversy

It’s not exactly news of North Korea and the dangerous game of nuclear chicken they’ve been playing with America and the rest of the free, rational world. It’s not of the plethora ...

NFL17 Wild Cherry Picks: 8 Teams, 4 Games and One Tough Call (NY@GB)

Saving the best for last? Maybe so, when schedulers slated the Green Bay Packers to host, once again, the New York Giants Sunday afternoon in the last of four NFL wild-card contests ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W17: MVP Field’s Fat But Houseman Meter Says Brady Ain’t In It

Even as New England Patriots starry signal-caller Tom Brady, on a brilliant but semi-season (12), may win the MVP on the anti-Goodell vote, a group not dissimilar to that which decided Election ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W15: Young Guns Blazing But Stars Tom Brady, Big Ben, Eli & Aaron Stand Ready

Youth is being served-up to NFL fans in smorgasbord style, but the veteran QBs may have the final say on who feasts and who sits out the Super Buffet. Minute Waltz – ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W12: Who Makes Your Playoff Final Four?

Minute Waltz Thanksgiving Late-game INT aside, Sam Bradford’s value to Vikes’ roster is unquestionable; Lions Tahir Whitehead goes John Lennon (Here, There & Everywhere): 11 solo; Cowboys’ Sean Lee goes all Paul ...

NFL16: Is There Really a Clutch Gene in the Strands?

Clutch Cargo ‘NEWS FLASH! Roxanne Vivid (anchor): This just in. Some curious news from the science bunch. Craig, what do you have that’s exciting? Craig Wherewithall (reporter): Yes, Roxanne. Exciting? Possibly. A ...

2014 Duds Look to Re-Launch in NFL 2015

Now that NFL Draft 2015, brought to us by the City of Big Shoulders (Chicago), is in the books (Is there any event less deserving of its big build-up than the televised ...

NFL14 Cherry Picks W9: Contender Poor

The Great Pretender(s) You might’ve heard Carl Sandburg’s famous line, “Sometime they’ll give a war and no one will come (The People, Yes (‘36)).” Not as serious but in that same vane: ...

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie signs 5 year deal with the Giants
The New York Giants have improved their defense with the Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie signing. Will this help Eli Manning turn things around?

The New York Giants are adding guys to their defense. When they signed Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, to a five-year deal, and paid him 39 million dollars with 15 million dollar guarantee, the team ...

Peyton Manning will not retire
Peyton Manning has played his NFL career for his brother Cooper. This is why he wears number 18 & he is not ready for retirement.

Peyton Manning can’t wait to see his brother Cooper when he arrives in New York today. Manning is going to play in his 3rd Super Bowl, and he is a heavy favorite ...

Eli Manning wins 4 in a row
The Giants win streak extended to 4 in a row, can they get into the race this season?

The New York Giants have now won 4 games in a row. After a 0-6 start this season, not many gave this Giants team much of a chance of doing anything. But ...

Eli Manning
Eli Manning & his New York Giants get 1st win in week 7.

If someone would have told you before the season started, the Giants led by Eli Manning wouldn’t win until week 7, you would have thought they were nuts. But this is exactly ...

Eli Manning
Where has Peyton’s brother Eli Manning gone? He threw 3 more Interceptions to help the Bears beat the Giants.

Someone needs to do a DNA test to make sure the guy wearing the Giants uniform with the number 10 on it is really Eli Manning. The guy that is the Brother ...

Eli Manning
Is Eli Manning in for another Giant disappointment tonight at Soldier Field in Chicago? How much more can he take?

The Way the New York Giants season has gone, I find myself almost feeling sorry for Eli Manning and his team. No one in their right mind could have seen an 0-5 ...

New York Giants suck
The New York Giants, A team that has lost its pride. They are now 0-5, will their head coach survive?

The New York Giants a team that was once among the best in the NFL, now looks like a team that has lost its pride. They lost to the Eagles and now ...

Tom Coughlin lost control of team
Has Giants head coach Tom Coughlin lost his team? Are his days in New York numbered?

The New York Giants are off to a terrible start in the 2013 season. It is becoming clear that head coach Tom Coughlin has lost his team. He can stand on the ...

Eli Manning sucks
Could things get any worse for Eli Manning and his New York Giants? Unfortunately yes.

Eli Manning took a beating at the hands of the Carolina Panthers defense. He was sacked 7 time and only threw for 119 yards in the game. If someone would have told ...

Eli & Peyton Manning
Manning Vs Manning, What will Peyton do this week? I predict a Broncos win to go 2-0. What do you think?

This week Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos travel to MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, NJ to take on Eli Manning and his New York Giants. Peyton should school his younger brother ...

NFL’13 Cherry Picks WK1

Thank you, George Halas (d. 1983). Thank you, and all the other APFA pioneers who conceived and nurtured what would come to be known as the National Football League (1919-21). Thanks to ...

Peyton & Eli Manning tickets
Peyton Manning Vs brother Eli in week 2, is the hardest ticket to buy in all of sports.

People love Peyton Manning. He has to be one of the most loved NFL quarterbacks of all time. If you wanted to buy a ticket to see Peyton take on his brother ...

Victor Cruz deal
The New York Giants management is just being stupid by not giving Victor Cruz the deal he deserves.

Why the New York Giants haven’t got the deal done with Victor Cruz is anyone’s guess. The team is being stubborn by not getting this done and they risk creating some team ...

Eli Manning
Eli Manning Gets Completely Embarrassed By The Atlanta Falcons Taking A Giant Beating

Eli Manning and his New York Giants fell to the Atlanta Falcons 34 -0. Manning and his Giants have not been playing good football at all lately. Manning had a poor game, ...

Eli Manning
It is Like There is 2 Different New York Giants Teams You Never Know Which One Is Going To Show Up

The New York Giants beat the New Orleans Saints by 25 points last night, they won the game 52-27 over a Saints team that has struggled all season long. Eli Manning was ...

Robert Griffin III 2
Robert Griffin III The Defibrillator The Washington Redskins Had To Have To Save The Teams Life

Not only is Robert Griffin III the defibrillator that the Washington Redskins had to have to get their life back into the team, he also has a way to get the fans ...

Eli Manning
Another November Another Eli Manning Rebirth Of The N.Y.Giants What Else Is New?

This is the time of the season when other teams in the N.F.L. stand and take notice of Eli Manning and his New York Giants team. The great Eli Manning snapped his ...

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