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can Danica Patrick win todays race
Can Danica Patrick find a much needed win today?

Is today the day we see Danica Patrick win a race? She is doing well in her preparation for the Coca-Cola 600. She has practiced well all week, and she has qualified ...

Danica Patrick not naked enough to win all-star vote
Danica Patrick left wondering if it’s Godaddy’s fault she missed the All-Star Vote. She didn’t show enough skin this year to win it.

Danica Patrick doesn’t like it when she isn’t the center of attraction. Missing the vote to be in the All-Star race, leaves her wondering how this happened. The allure of Danica Patrick ...

Danica Patrick has heated words with Allgaier
Danica Patrick had a heated verbal altercation with Justin Allgaier after the Phoenix race.

Two races, tow crashes, that’s the way Danica Patrick’s 2014 NASCAR season has started. This time Patrick was collected into a crash by Justin Allgaier. When the crash took place Patrick radioed ...

Danica Patrick Wreaks at the Daytona 500
Danica Patrick did what she does best with her race car. She crashed it and didn’t finish the Daytona 500.

Another NASCAR race and another crash for Danica Patrick. She sure isn’t going to prove Petty wrong and win a race doing that. Patrick can’t help but to wreak the car. She ...

Danica Patrick 2014 Daytona 500
The odds of Danica Patrick winning the Daytona 500 are as high as 60-1.

There’s not many thinking NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is going to take her Go-Daddy Chevrolet across the finish line first in today’s Daytona 500. Some Vegas odds-makers give 60-1 odds of winning, ...

Danica Patrick & Tony Stewart
Danica Patrick is Tony Stewart’s cash cow. This is why he is acting like a crazy man in love.

If Danica Patrick were to race the King Richard Petty, she would probably lose. Tony Stewart is putting his foot in his mouth with this nonsense. Petty is 78-years-old and Patrick is ...

Danica Patirck nipple picture
Now we know why Richard Petty said what he said about Danica Patrick. More people are interested in her nipple picture than her driving in NASCAR.

You often have to wonder if Danica Patrick is feeling starved for attention. Her selfie of her being topless and showing her nipple is the talk of the town this morning. Is ...

Danica Patrick chopped
NASCAR’s Danica Patrick competed on the Food Network’s show Chopped, and actually cooks better than she can drive. She won something for a change.

Danica Patrick proved there is a place for her to compete. It may not be on the NASCAR circuit but it is where she belongs, in the kitchen. (Wow did I just ...

Danica Patrick
After what Tony Stewart just pulled on Ryan Newman, it is crystal clear he just uses Danica Patrick for the money she brings in and not her driving.

Tony Stewart is clearly not using NASCAR’s Danica Patrick for her skills behind the wheel. He is using the Godaddy cover-girl t pad his bank account. After seeing what Stewart did to ...

Danica Patrick michigan 400
Danica Patrick proves that even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while by breaking into the top 30 at the Pure Michigan 400.

As Stewart Haas racing continues to look for speed in qualifying with Danica Patrick behind the wheel of one of their cars, it has to be a pleasant surprised to the team ...

Danica patrick
Danica Patrick is becoming very consistent at crashing her car. 5 wrecks in her last 12 races. When they going to fire her?

It is a very expensive habit for Stewart Haas racing to employe Danica Patrick as one of their drivers. When she crashed into  Truex at Watkins Glen, it not only marked her ...

Danica Patrick crashed at pocono
Danica Patrick leaves another track, angry and disappointed. This behavior has to be getting old for Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Danica Patrick left another track being angry and disappointed. SHe lost control of her car and caused a 4 car crash at Pocono. Patrick who started back in the pack got her ...

Danica Patrick Sucks in NASCAR
Danica Patrick has no business driving a NASCAR at Pocono Raceway. It’s a waste of a good car.

Danica Patrick demonstrated once again, she isn’t qualified to drive a NASCAR. She qualified her car at almost 5 MPH slower than pole winner Jimmie Johnson who averaged 180.654 MPH. Patrick put ...

Danica at The Brickyard 400
Danica Patrick proved today at the Brickyard 400 that experience isn’t always the best teacher.

NASCAR driver and we use the term loosely when it comes to describing Danica Patrick as one of them, didn’t fare to well at the Brickyard 400. Patrick has years of experience ...

Danica Patrick back at indy
Danica Patrick returns to a place she knows very well, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, But this time she is a rookie with a NASCAR.

This weekend Danica Patrick will return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a place she knows very well. The problem for Patrick is she knew the track well in a car that weighed ...

Danica Patrick
Is there a double standard in the Danica Patrick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. relationship? I’ll bet there is.

Another NASCAR race and another mishap for female driver Danica Patrick who took out her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in a wreak she caused at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Patrick could ...

Danica Patrick Nude
NASCAR’s Danica Patrick thinking about posing nude. Hasn’t she lost enough credibility? She refuses to rule it out.

NASCAR has a person by the name of Danica Patrick who is bigger than the sport of racing in her own mind. She has lost a ton of credibility with the way ...

Patrick crash coke zero 400
Danica Patrick true to her word, gets aggressive at Daytona and crashed the car in the Coke Zero 400

Danica Patrick held true to her words, She didn’t want to just stay in-line and ride to the finish in the Coke Zero 400. She said before the race she would be ...

Danica to be more agressive
NASCAR’s Danica Patrick had this to say about Daytona;”I don’t feel like I would want to just settle for the same thing.”

NASCAR’s Danica Patrick is not going to settle for a top 10 finish if she has a shot a win tonight. She said she intends to be more aggressive if she is ...

Danica Patrick talk petty
NASCAR driver Danica Patrick says she is crap in qualifying, while responding to Kyle Petty criticism.

For someone who says she don’t care what Kyle Petty said about her, she keeps responding back. Danica Patrick should have just ignored the criticism that Kyle Petty through at her. Now ...

Danica Patrick Go Daddy kyle petty
The Danica Patrick assessment from Kyle Petty is spot on, she is nothing more than a marketing machine.

Finally someone who knows NASCAR better than most, has given an accurate assessment of driver Danica Patrick. Petty labeled Patrick as a marketing machine, not a race-car driver.  He is absolutely right. ...

Danica Patrick Go Daddy
Is Danica Patrick afraid to drive against Jacques Villeneuve? If so she should be removed from the car.

Danica Patrick has problems getting through a NASCAR race. Because of her problems making it to the end of a race without crashing the car, she often times looks for excuses before ...

Danica Patrick talks stenhouse
Is Danica Patrick blinded by love or just making excuses for her NASCAR romance with Ricky Stenhouse?

It has been 5 days since Ricky Stenhouse caused his girlfriend to be involved in the crash on lap 319 in Charlotte. Patrick is finally ready to talk to the media about ...

Patrick breast feeding a foal
Baby Foal tries to get breast feed by NASCAR’S Danica Patrick. (Photo)

Being a NASCAR driver gives Danica Patrick a chance to wear a lot of different hats. Being a Wet Nurse to a baby horse is one that even had to come as ...

Danica Patrick hall of fame
It takes years to be included in the NASCAR Hall Of Fame, Unless your name is Danica Patrick, she is already in there.

The NASCAR Hall Of Fame has a new Danica Patrick exhibit. Most of the time it takes years to be included into the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. That isn’t the case for ...

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