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NFL16 Minute Waltz: Closing Take 2015

Now that the 2015 curtain’s come down on NFL’s regular play, a four-month run filled with more surprises than a Christmas day at the Cratchit household, (post-raise), it’s time to reflect back ...

Tim Tebow
We are just hours away from finding out if Tim Tebow gets to fly like an Eagle this season.

Has Tim Tebow made the final 53-man roster with the Philadelphia Eagles? That’s the question everyone is looking for an answer to. Chip Kelly, head coach of the Eagles hasn’t confirmed if ...

Coaching Lite®: What’s Killing College Football

August is packing it’s bags and September’s ready to move in. That means college football’s 2015-16 season is about set to kickoff. For the big boys (FBS), 127 schools by Wikipedia count, ...

The Strange NFL Ride of Tim Tebow

He’s back. But if you’re a Tim Tebow fan you’d better hold off for awhile on forking out $395 smackers for that official NFL-NFLPA approved Philadelphia Eagles Nike® game jersey. Timbo signed ...

Mark Sanchez shouldn't be part of the eagles
Honest question for you, will Mark Sanchez be on the Eagles roster on opening day?

I get a kick out of how excited QB Mark Sanchez is to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles. Let face reality, Sanchez is excited because he is still in the ...

Marcus Smith will prove eagles fans wrong
Philadelphia Eagles need to get over their dislike of the Marcus Smith pick, Chip Kelly loves the guy.

If you are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and you didn’t like the pick of Marcus Smith, in the NFL draft, then my advice to you is to get over it. ...

Nick Foles release time
Is Chip Kelly playing with fire messing around with Nick Foles release time?

If it isn’t broken, why fix it? That is the question we should be asking the Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly. For some strange reason they want to mess around with Nick ...

DeSean Jackson signs with redskins
RG3 now has the vertical threat the Washington Redskins needed with the DeSean Jackson deal.

It didn’t take long for DeSean Jackson to land on his feet. Reportedly, the wide receiver is signed with the Washington Redskins. This deal will come back to haunt second year head ...

Chip Kelly didn't like DeSean Jackson
Was it Chip Kelly’s conflict with DeSean Jackson that really got him cut by the Philadelphia Eagles?

When the Philadelphia Eagles cut DeSean Jackson, was it really because of the fact him and head coach Chip Kelly couldn’t see eye to eye? Lets face it, Chip Kelly wants everyone ...

nick foles is the eagles starting quarterback
Make no mistake about it Nick Foles will be the Philadelphia Eagles starting QB not Mark Sanchez

If you are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, you have nothing to worry about. Nick Foles will be the Eagles starting QB. Chip Kelly is only interested in Mark Sanchez for ...

Eagles busy this off season signing players
The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t wasting time resigning their veterans. Chip Kelly likes these guys & with good reason.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been busy passing out large sums of money over the past few days. The team is getting it done to be prepared for a play off run in ...

Chip Kelly sucked in the play offs
Chip Kelly didn’t have his Eagles offense ready to soar. The play off loss falls on his shoulders.

Chip Kelly, the offensive innovator certainly didn’t have his Eagles offense ready for the wild card play offs. Nick Foles and his Eagles offense looked helpless in their play off game against ...

Chip Kelly eagles NFC East Champions
Chip Kelly and his Philadelphia Eagles are getting ready to send the Saints marching out of the play-offs.

Chip Kelly has done a fantastic job in his rookie season. The Eagles have won the NFC East Championship and now it is time to set their focus onto the New Orleans ...

Nick Foles ready to face Dallas
Nick Foles and his Eagles could care less who starts at QB for the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles should win this game.

The Philadelphia Eagles are a good football team. They are even a better football team with Nick Foles playing quarterback. Chip Kelly is going to have the Eagles ready to play Dallas ...

Chip Kelly keeps winning
Who is doubting Chip Kelly success in the NFL now? His Eagles hold a 1 game lead in the NFC East.

When Chip Kelly made the jump from College coaching into the NFL, there were thousands saying he couldn’t be successful on the NFL level. Now that his Eagles hold a 1 game ...

Chip Kelly wont coach at texas
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said he is not going anywhere and has no interest in coaching in Texas. He’s getting ready for the play offs.

For Philadelphia Eagles fans, the news couldn’t have been any better. Head coach Chip Kelly said, he has no interest in coaching at Texas and plans on staying with the Eagles for ...

Nick Foles
Nick Foles is the real deal for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nick Foles continues to play dominate football for the Philadelphia Eagles. Foles threw for 237 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. He has a tough day taking 5 sacks, but ...

Nick foles
Congratulations to Nick Foles for getting what he was entitled to before the season started. Kelly wised up with the wins.

We would like to send out a big  congratulations to Nick Foles who has been named the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, for the remainder of the 2013 season and hopefully ...

Chip Kelly eagles in first
Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles are above .500 and on top of the NFC East in 1st place.

Chip Kelly’s Eagles have taken over control of the NFC East and why not? They are playing like the best team in the division and their record of 6-5 is one game ...

Nick Foles
Is that Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles sitting in first place in the NFC East? You bet it is thanks to Nick Foles.

Just think if Chip Kelly would have picked Nick Foles to be the Eagles starting quarterback when the season started. This kid continues to impress every time he takes to the field. ...

Nick Foles
Chip Kelly and his Eagles have got to go with Nick Foles for the rest of this season.

Nick Foles the Eagles quarterback who threw 7 touchdowns against the Raiders made a serious statement to Chip Kelly and the rest of the Eagles coaching staff. How many games would the ...

Chip Kelly
A recent USA Today report titled “Grading the NFL’s Rookie Coaches” says Chip Kelly has made things worse in Philadelphia for the Eagles. Really?

In a report published on USA Today, the writer graded the NFL’s rookie head coaches. Much to my surprise, he said Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has made things worse in Philadelphia ...

Chip Kelly hired pat shurmur
Are Chip Kelly’s Eagles feeling the effects of having Pat Shurmur as their O.C.? The offense is dead.

Chip Kelly made one fatal mistake when he was named the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles this season. He named Pat Shurmur as the team’s offensive coordinator. Now, the Eagles are ...

Nick Foles will beat the cowboys
The Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 3 over the Cowboys, this has to be the Nick Foles affect.

The 3-3 Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 3 points over the 3-3 Dallas Cowboys. This has to be the effect of Nick Foles starting for Kelly’s Eagles. It isn’t often that a ...

Nick Foles
How does Chip Kelly not go with Nick Foles against the Cowboys? It’s a must with the way Foles played.

Chip Kelly had to see what he liked out of his back up quarterback Nick Foles. Now Kelly has to make the decision who to start against the Dallas Cowboys, if Kelly ...

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