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NFL18 Wild Cherry Picks: ‘Surprise Surprise Surprise,’ Injuries Have These Playoffs Gomer-ized

The NFL 2018 playoff pool is not without its familiar faces in teams like the Patriots (#1 AFC seed) and their SB51 NFC opponent, the Atlanta Falcons (Wild Card), but not in ...

NFL16 Cherry Picks W6: ‘Dr. (Dart) or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Pocket)’

Rabbit Test With most amateur coaches today nixing the quarterback model that’s play-oriented, teaching intensive and preparatory for pro-style pocket-passer, opting instead for Coach-Lite®, i.e., chisel on the job specs in relying ...

NFL15 Cherry Picks W13: “Importance of Folly”

Go With Mojo Sport fan that I am you’d think on turkey day I’d be glued to the tube (we’re not on the plasma-screen, yet) devouring the Cats-Cowboys contest before it got ...

NFL15-W5 Minute Waltz: Air of Invincibility

Amongst superstitious types, and those camped outside the grounds where millions of Tom Brady bivouacs still set-up in support of their hero awaiting final court ruling on Deflategate, there was to be ...

NFL15 Cherry Best: Hoisting Halas & Hunt

The Whittle Down The CFP Committee couldn’t have chosen a better foursome, had they been given the task of selecting a college-style, coffee klatch of teams (4) for the NFL’s AFC – NFC ...

Indianapolis Colts shut out the Bengals
The Indianapolis Colts completely shut down the Cincinnati Bengals proving that Andy Dalton can’t win the big games.

The Indianapolis Colts dominated the Cincinnati Bengals. The Colts handed the Bengals their worst loss of the season thus far. The Colts defense held Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to just 126 yards, ...

Tom Brady hands ball off 46 times
Are the New England Patriots a running team now? Brady handed the ball off 46 times to beat the Colts.

We saw a new approach from Tom Brady and his New England Patriots. We saw the Patriots run the football in a NFL play off game more times than they passed it. ...

We’re Upset

In the News today; After resting several key players last week in a loss to the Chargers a game that eliminated the Steelers. In the dreadful embarrassing loss to the Colts in ...

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck was down but his Colts were never out. Luck launched the 2nd best comeback in play off history.

Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs and it was because of the effort Luck and his Colts made in the second half of the game. Talk about ...

Andy Reid
Will Andy Reid have his Kansas City Chiefs ready to beat the Colts?

Andy Reid is saying, his Chiefs are ready and hungry. Lets face it the last time they played the Indianapolis Colts, things didn’t go well for K.C.. This time they play the ...

Andrew Luck beat titans
Andrew Luck continued to fight as he grabbed the game back from the Titans.

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck wasn’t going to let his team lose the Titans. He continued to fight in the game against the Tennessee and his 3rd quarter efforts helped the ...

Andrew Luck 19
ANDREW LUCK & his Colts.


Philip Rivers
Philip Rivers and his Chargers took down the Indianapolis Colts. We didn’t see this one coming.

Philip Rivers looked like an NFL quarterback that was in control against the Colts. He played well and avoided making critical mistakes. He led his Chargers to a win over the Colts ...

Trent Richardson
Colts lose to the Chargers as Trent Richardson continues to disappoint the fans. 4 games less than 200 yards rushing.

The Indianapolis Colts lost to the San Diego Chargers 19-9. The big story isn’t the way Andrew Luck played, it is how disappointing Trent Richardson continues to perform in a Colts uniform. ...

Trent Richardson
With Bradshaw out, the Colts will get a real look at how they wasted a first round pick on Trent Richardson.

Colts running back,Ahmad Bradshaw’s will be the first real chance the team has to see what a mistake they made trading a number one draft pick away for Trent Richardson. The Browns ...

Luke & Luck Top NFL’13 Soph-Watch

There were times in NFL 2012 when all of these guys were nothing short of sublime. Playing, not like the “R..O..O..K..I..E” imprint on their shiny, new, laminated Ass’n cards, but as if ...

Andrew Luck played great
Andrew Luck and his Colts offense had little trouble destroying the confidence of the Cleveland Browns.

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts took apart a Cleveland Browns defense that was suppose to be totally rebuilt heading into the 2013 season. The Browns couldn’t cover the Colts receivers and ...

Andrew Luck gets win over Manning
Andrew Luck took his Colts into the Met Life Stadium and beat the Giants. Irsay has got to be happy with this win.

Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts went into East Rutherford, NJ and showed the world they can compete in the NFL. A week earlier people weren’t sure what the team was going ...

Chuck Pagano colts
Now the question becomes, can Chuck Pagano do it for the Colts without Bruce Arians? They looked terrible against the Bills.

The Indianapolis Colts kicked off their 2013 season with their first preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. For lack of a better term, the Colts looked like crap today. We all know ...

Steve Young
Why Doesn’t Steve Young Tell The Truth About The Flacco-Ravens Deal,No Player Is Worth 20 Million A Year.

The Hall Of Fame Quarterback Steve Young comes out and says Flacco got the contract he deserved. Is he kidding me? There is no NFL player that deserve 20 million dollars a ...

“We really wanted to make it

Originally, the Pittsburgh Crawfords team was composed of amateurs from the sandlots of the city’s Hill district. Later, they became one of the most formidable and dominating teams of the mid-1930s. They ...

Andrew Luck & Bruce Arians
How Will Losing Bruce Arians Affect Andrew Luck & The Indianapolis Colts?

Andrew Luck and the Colts had a tremendous season. Luck taken as the number one overall pick in the 2012 draft took his Colts to the play-offs behind the expert tutoring of ...

Manning Vs Luck
How Many People Would Love To See The Broncos Vs The Colts In The Play Offs? It Could Happen!!!

Could it happen? Sure it could, Peyton Manning against his old team the Indianapolis Colts, a match made in the heavens. The Broncos are in a great spot, Manning has them as ...

Andrew Luck 3
Can The Indianapolis Colts Continue To Win In The Play Offs? You Bet!!!

The Colts have to play the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the play offs. Can the Indianapolis Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens? Sure they can, the Colts are on fire ...

Colts Shave Their Heads
Head Coach Chuck Pagano Or Bruce Arians It Makes No Difference The Colts Are A Good Football Team

With their head coach Chuck Pagano back on the sidelines the Indianapolis Colts put on a heck of a performance beating the Houston Texans 28-16 today. The Colts have now went from ...

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