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Chin Music’14: Exit Jeter, Enter A-Rod

Mood Swing They’ll feel the breeze clear over in Jersey, once that change in mood starts swingin’ across the great Metropolis. As Derek Jeter, newest member of the vaunted pinstripe pantheon, exits ...

Alex Rodriguez walks out
Is Alex Rodriguez trying to get reinstated in Major League Baseball, or win an Academy Award for best actor? Enough already, get rid of A-Rod now, he is a cancer

How much more of this Alex Rodriguez drama are the American public going to stand for? This guy is putting himself in-line for an Academy Award for best new actor in a ...

alex rodriguez
How did Alex Rodriguez become the victim of MLB? This guy is insane, he needs to be banned for life.

All of the substance Alex Rodriguez ingested over his major league baseball career, must have affected his brain.  Rodriguez is presenting his case to the world as though he is the victim ...

Alex Rodriguez
There was a day when the boys in New York City knew how to deal with a Rat like Alex Rodriguez!!! To bad they’re gone.

So, just when you thought you have heard it all about Alex Rodriguez the truth comes out about him busting his peers. What a scum this guy is. He wants to sue ...

A-Rod, Albert & PEDs Latin America

Fifty years from now, what will people remember about Biogenesis? I’ll tell ya’ what they won’t remember: Tony Bosch, its founder, and the un-paid employee Porter Fischer who clued us all in; ...

Alex Rodriguez
Will Yankees fans see Alex Rodriguez playing 3rd base tonight? Not if MLB suspends him today.

Alex Rodriguez thinks he is going to start at 3rd base for the New York Yankees tonight. He thinks MLB is going to turn a blind eye to his situation and he ...

Angels Rue Siren Song

‘A walk’s as good as a hit.’ That’s a baseball truism. Some others: ‘Never intentionally put the winning run on base late; Never slide head-first into 1st…or any base, for that matter; ...

Bud Selig & a-rod
Hey, Bud Selig be a leader. You don’t hold Negotiations with a guy like Alex Rodriguez. You ban him for life.

Major League baseball is being held hostage by Alex Rodriguez. MLB is negotiating with Rodriguez over what kind of suspension he will face. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Since when ...

a-rod suspension
It’s time for MLB to stop with the threats and issue Alex Rodriguez a life-time suspension.

Major League Baseball needs to stop playing games with Alex Rodriguez. He thinks he can call the shots and he is not going to cooperate with MLB. Just stop with the threats ...

Alex Rodriguez ban
It’s time for MLB to issue a life-time ban to Alex Rodriguez.

New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez is bad news for Major League Baseball. All the guy does is give the sport a black eye. Rodriguez should be banned from the game like Pete ...

MLB Suspensions
Major shake-up headed to MLB that could include Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun suspensions.

The performance enhancement drug scandal that has rocked Major League Baseball just escalated. Tony Bosch, founder of the Biogenesis of America is coming out and naming names. He reached an agreement this ...

Alex rodriguez & Jay-Z
Steroids May Have Left Alex Rodriguez Stupid,He Thinks He & Jay Z Can rip Off The IRS And Get Away With It.

When it come to messing with the IRS that is something a guy with a 275 million dollar contract shouldn’t do. Alex Rodriguez must have suffered some kind of brain damage from ...

Alex Rodriguez
Is Alex Rodriguez Done In Major League Baseball? The Yankees Have No Further Use For Him.

As the days go by and more and more Major League Baseball players get exposed for their use of P.E.D.’s Alex Rodriguez’s worth to the Yankees keeps going down. The Yankees have ...

Alex Rodriguez
Has Alex Rodriguez Just Thrown Away 114 Million Dollars? The Yankees Want Him Out.

When the New York Yankees gave A-Rod a 10 year deal worth 275 million dollars they made him one of the highest paid baseball players in the history of the game. Little ...

Alex Rodriguez 9
Why Should The Yankess Wait 6 Months For A 37 Year Old Alex Rodriguez? Move On Already.

Isn’t it time for the New York Yankees to move on from Alex Rodriguez already? The guy is 37 years old, he juts had hip surgery and he doesn’t hit 30 home ...

Alex Rodriguez3
The New York Yankees & The A Rod Situation

Written By, Clifford Santa Monica Look. You’re making a skyscraper out of a teepee (and missing the point). You correctly observed that your listeners would have taken you over the coals for ...

CC Sabathia
The New York Yankees & The Baltimore Orioles Remain Deadlocked At The Top

The New York Yankees controlled the American League East for much of the season. Now when it matters the most they are in a fight for survival with the Baltimore Orioles. The ...

Alex Rodriguez2
The New York Yankees Beat The Tigers & The Mighty Verlander Tonight

The Yankees took down the Detroit Tigers ace, Justin Verlander tonight. The Yankees were able to tag Verlander for 7 hits and five runs four of them earned in the 6 innings ...

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Helps Yankees Spoil The Party In Boston

The sweet swing of Alex Rodriguez helps the Yankees spoil the party in Boston as the Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-2 on the day the Boston Red Sox would celebrate the ...

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