Come on people, Erik Karlsson suffered a tremendous injury and yes, Matt Cooke was right in the middle of it all. But do you seriously think Cooke is capable of going after  a guy in a way that could indeed end a guy’s career in the NHL? Cooke is in the midst of change, he is trying extremely hard to shake the reputation he built for himself as the NHL’s dirtiest player.  He wants to change his ways and it is apparent he was making an effort this season to do so.

Now that people are thinking he would purposely try to cut through Karlsson’s Achilles’ tendon, things can get ugly for him. It really isn’t fair to go after Cooke without having a reason to do so. If Cooke wasn’t trying to change his ways in the NHL, I could understand it. But the facts are the facts and it is clear that Matt Cooke doesn’t want to carry the label of the NHL’s dirtiest player anymore. Lets cut him some Slack…


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