Reports coming out of Steubenville, Ohio say that the high school football coach could be the next person facing charges in the rape case that took place last summer.  According to Mike DeWine, coaches have a responsibility to report suspected child abuse. DeWine went on to say that the football coach had information about the reported rape of a 16-year-old female and failed to come forward. The grand Jury is investigating what other charges could be filed.

DeWine said he was continuing his investigation and would consider charges against anyone who failed to speak up after the attack last summer, a group that could include other teens, parents, coaches and school officials. The Grand Jury is scheduled to meet sometime in April and will consider all the information turned over to them as a result if DeWine’s investigation. Let this serve as a lesson if you are a coach of any kind. If you suspect wrong doings of any kind you have an obligation to report it whether members of your team are involved or not.

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