When it come to messing with the IRS that is something a guy with a 275 million dollar contract shouldn’t do. Alex Rodriguez must have suffered some kind of brain damage from all the stuff he has been accused of putting in his body. How much is enough? Rodriguez makes millions of dollars a year and then thinks he can hold a poker tournament with his pal Jay Z and only donate less than 1% to charity.

Are they stupid? Didn’t they realize you don’t try to pull one over on the IRS? This guy has to have some sort of damage to the way he thinks. He was already making millions of dollars and he had to pull a fast one with what would be considered pocket change to a guy like him. Both of them have opened a can of worms that will never be sealed again. To hold a poker tournament and call it for charity and then only to donate $90 — yes, ninety dollars — to a Little League baseball team in Miami, is more than laughable.

The two of them raised a reported $403,862 dollars. How did they think they were going to get away with it? To make matter worse reports indicate the charity stopped reporting to the IRS and then lost its charitable standing. How much more money went unreported? Guys like Alex Rodriguez think they are above the laws. Just because they make hundreds of millions while normal people struggle to get by, doesn’t make them immune to prosecution by the IRS.

I hope the IRS throws the book at him. They should look into every action Rodriguez to when it comes to his charities for as far back as the IRS can look. I am sure they will come up with a lot more questionable deductions when dealing with someone this stupid.


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