The Golden State Warriors as a team should try and take some of Stephen Curry  spunk and spread it around to the rest of the team. The passion in which Curry plays the game should be contagious. One night he is fighting and the next night he comes back to score 54 points. It didn’t matter to the Warriors, they still lost the game. No other starter on the Warrios scored more than 6 points in the game. I know, you’re thinking how could they when Curry was busy scoring 54 points.

The next highest scorer was Carl Landry who came off the bench to score 15 points.  Are you telling me there wasn’t any other starter who could have helped the Warriors cause in the game against the Knicks? It is pitiful that a night like Curry had last night is just a waste and the team lost to the Knicks who beat them by only 4 points. Someone on the Warriors team needs to step it up a bit and help Curry help his Warriors get some wins. He can’t do it all alone, even though he tried….


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