Dan Rooney the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers made one of the team’s top priorities in the draft to get guys that can help protect Steelers aging quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Little did Rooney know Roethlisberger would  need protection during training camp. Big Ben comes to the Steelers this year with a tear to his rotator cuff and now Big Ben is having problems with his left ankle. Yes, this is the same ankle Roethlisberger had injured in the game against the Cleveland Browns last season.

Roethlisberger hurt his ankle after he threw a perfect scoring 20 yard pass to Emmanuel Sanders.  Ben was then stepped on by a lineman. Roethlisberger who limped off the field said, “that is my bad Ankle”. This is the same ankle that cost Ben Roethlisberger mobility in the play-off games against the Broncos last season. This ankle has bothered Big Ben for a long time. The Steelers start the pre-season soon and it would be smart to limit Ben’s playing time.

Roethlisberger is having a good camp, the Steelers are going to need him to be as healthy as possible this season if they plan on making a play-off run. They are in a tough division, three of the four teams made the N.F.L. play-offs last year and the Browns could be a much improved team this season. Both times the Steelers face Cleveland the Browns gave them as much as the Steelers could handle.

Dan Rooney knows his quarterback and he knows football better than most N.F.L. owners. Rooney was right when he said he needed to make protecting Ben a priority this season. Lets just hope for the Steelers sake Roethlisberger makes it to the season……

How do you think Roethlisberger will do this season? Just leave your comments below…..

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  1. David Benyo

    I think Ben will be fortunate to even finish the season. After a career with a sub par line, he’s beaten to pieces. Mendenhall never really did anything, and never will. I love the Steelers and Ben, but honest reality check, its gonna be a long year, and the next few years going be worse. Get a new coach, i’ve said that for years, Cower’s teams are all but gone now.


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