Steelers fans could be in for a long season. The way the team is playing they could lose more than they win this season. The Steelers offense isn’t able to produce the way they once were. Ben Roethlisberger is getting very little protection and with the big play makers missing there is little chance of the Steelers dominating the AFC North the way they have over the years.

When a team like Pittsburgh loses guys like Mike Wallace, Hines Ward and their other big play makers, it takes more than just one draft or off season to find their replacements. This could be a long rebuilding process for the Steelers.

Starting the season at 0-2 really limits Pittsburgh’s chances of reaching the play-offs. When team’s starts off 0-2, they are fortunate to have a winning season..

The Steelers should have seen this coming. Kevin Colbert, the team’s Gm should have been able to find suitable replacements, especially after Wallace left the team. The Steelers now have a large void in their offense and the same thing is going to happen with their aging defense if they don’t start planning for the future.

When the Steelers lost Bruce Arians, Big Ben knew the team was going to take a hit. These days when your quarterback is comfortable with his offensive coordinator, the team should mess with him. The Steelers should have done what ever it took to keep Arians in Pittsburgh, including getting rid of Mike Tomlin and naming Arians as the team’s head coach.

Many think that Tomlin inherited a good Steelers football team from Cowher and is now running it into the ground. Tomlin doesn’t look like a guy that has any answers to the Steelers offensive problems. He is part of the problem and not the solution.


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