Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin hit Bengals punter Kevin Huber with the crown of his helmet. He broke his jaw and fractured a vertebrae in the punters neck.

The NFL has reviewed the hit and they have come to the determination, the play should have drawn a penalty flag. The punter is a defenseless player.

The NFL said, punters deserve to be watched throughout the down and deserve the defenseless player role until the down is over.

Dean Blandino, the president of NFL officiating said Garvin can’t hit a player with the crown of his helmet to any part of the body. Watching the replay of the hit that took Huber out of the game, you can see Garvin lead with the crown of his helmet to the chin area of Huber’s body.

You can bank on the fact the NFL is going to fine the linebacker. The question now becomes how much?

This was one of the more brutal hits we have seen in the NFL this season. It was clear Garvin’s hit was meant to hurt Huber. The NFL should suspend Garvin for the remainder of the 2013 season.

NFL football doesn’t need a head hunter like Garvin. He should have known better than to lay a hit like this on a punter and he should be made to pay. Even coach Tomlin questioned the type of hit Garvin put on Huber.

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