With the Pittsburgh Steelers off to an 0-4 start the fans want an action taken. A lot of them think the failure is Mike Tomlin’s fault, they think the team has been on a steady downhill decline since Tomlin took over as the team’s head coach.

This is the worse start to a season the team has had since 1968. The fans feel like they were lied to. Many are saying the team promised a superior product on the field this season and the fans don’t see it.

The Steelers look like one of the worse team’s in the NFL. They have played a somewhat easy schedule and looked bad doing it. Every aspect of the team looks bad and the fans say it all comes back to the team’s head coach.

The fans are blaming him for not seeing this coming soon enough. The fans say they have seen it and wonder what Tomlin has looked at. Some are saying this doesn’t even resemble the team from last season and they weren’t that great either.

Pittsburgh has plenty of rebuilding to do to get back to playing the kind of football the people in Pittsburgh are used to seeing and for some of those people they think the team should start by replacing their head coach.

Are Mike Tomlin’s days numbered in Pittsburgh? Tell us what you think, leave your comments below.


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  1. Rick

    Like most fans an media. I’m sure tomlin saw this as a rebuilding year but did you expect him to say we’re gonna suck. Even good franchises hav bad years and rebuilding projects. Stop acting like whinny jet fans. It’s gonna be a bad year. But we’ll be back

    • Anonymous

      I agree. How have been going down hill & we have been to the play offs and have won a SUPER BALL under TOMBLIN. Think of the kry players we lost.

  2. helene

    I think both tomlin and haley should be fired. Haley is a bad fit for the team. Tomlin made some bad moves in personel. they need someone who will put the fire back in the team and who the players will respect

    • Anonymous

      Come on really Tomlin fired? Be for real if your a true fan!

      • Rick Eger

        Tomlin will be there until he chose’s too retire.

    • Anonymous


  3. Danny Delouize


    • Rick Eger

      Levon Kirkland.

  4. Thomas Gardner

    I like Mike Tomlin. He is a good man. But he has lost this team. Can we honestly look one of tow of three years into the future and say we will be a contender? The remedy is obvious. We need a new Cowher to come in a light a fire under these players who no longer listen to coach Tomlin.

    • Anonymous

      Cowher is available for the right situation as he put it this could be it…….Tomlin rode a wave that was provided for him and won in spite of his mistakes in the past….no his mistakes are catching up with him….fire him and Haley

  5. mike

    tomlim talks a good game but that’s it him and that so called haley coach need to go hes even worse

  6. justin

    Tomlin is a product of the Rooney rule and that’s it. he and his whole crew need to go, even LeBeau must go. Only ones to keep are Butler and Lake.

    • Anonymous

      Your NUTSSSS

  7. justin

    Evert other team would have sent Tomlin down the road by now, we need to get him out now.

  8. eric

    if you want to send a message to the rooney’s, then fans should boycott home games. Nothing speaks louder than lost revenue…….changes would come fast.

    • Doug

      They would not lose much revenue. The tickets are already sold out. Even if they do, they would probably figure out a way to get it back from tax dollars.

  9. bam-bam

    will bill be available next year?if so bring him back & lets start building another superbowl capable team. please!

  10. Randy

    Tomlin rode Cowhers team to fame, rebuilding, yeah right look at the patriots, or any other team that had turnover of players, they stayed competitive, rebuilding is b.s. they needed linemen for years on the offense and cornerbacks, and Colbert drafts mediochre players, are they mediochre or poorly coached, poorly coached and mediochre is my answer, and Tomlin, no emotion, no fire like Cowher and Noll before, he looks like a fuggen deer caught in the head lights, not knowing what to do, and Haley who would ever hire him? we all know it was Rooney that did, and Lebeau, well the game has passed him by, you cant play the same defense and schemes for years without changing it up, so he needs to go as well, as good as is was or is his defensive style is a dinosaur, Colbert should be canned as well for wasting draft picks on mediochre players, every draft more bust than gems, and Tomlin lost the team long ago no discipline, and they just walk on and off the field with no motivation, now you see what you got, a silver tongued empty suit nothing more nothing, who in repetition every week says the same litany of crap without any results, what say you?

    • Anonymous

      Every team goes thu this Bill had one Dr.Noll has them to stop acting like cowboys fans. We are Steelers fans we will be ok.

    • ed

      I totally agree with your comments. The best teams don’t rebuild, they reload. When was the last time the Patriots had to, “Rebuild?” While Tomlin is rebuilding, Big Ben is getting beat up every game due to the terrible play of draft busts such as Adams. What a way to shorten a franchise quarterbacks career for sure. The Steelers’ organization won’t get rid of Colbert, but Tomlin needs to go. He needs to go because of his part in all these draft busts (most notably, Mike Adams). He needs to go because for the last few years, the Steelers’ players have become undisciplined, unmotivated, and uninspired. Where is the fight, where is the tradition? I don’t even blame Haley because he wasn’t provided with the personnel he needed to run his style of offense. Last point because I have to get this off my chest. Colbert, Tomlin, or both drafted Mike Adams after fully knowing about his questionable past and poor pro day. Four picks later in same draft, the Ravens take T/G Keleche Osemele, who has been playing like a stud in almost every game since his rookie season. The Steelers’ system is broken.

  11. ED

    I am a Steelers fan for life, but with the way things are going, I agree Haley should go, the whole team needs energized, the defense needs to be the Iron Curtain D again not the Leaky Boat D, the Steelers nation is in for a long year.

  12. Richard Jones

    I like Tomlin, but I’m not a huge fan of him as coach.. however 2 years ago this was a 12-4 team. Those who say that the team ha been on a steady downward spiral need to look at the whole body of work. Yes we are in full blown rebuild mode, but part of the problem is bad drafting (colbert tomlin) and the so called being creative with the salary cap. I was at the only win of that 69 season, I’ve seen it all. The reason the steelers have been one of the best teams the last 40 years is because the Rooney’s don’t do knee-jerk. Give the man until next year to try and get it right. I don’t think this will be a play off team next year, but the year after…
    Just my opinion.

  13. James A

    fire tomlin

  14. SabinJ

    Hey, we’re all pissed off about where the Steelers are, but let’s start at top. Tomlin did not hire Haley; Mr. Rooney had the last say there. Mr. Rooney is the one who wanted to change our offensive system from the quick Big Ben pass style game back to the 70’s run style game – he’s wanted that for a few years now which is why Bruce Arians was fired. But, that’s only one problem; the Steelers have one of the oldest defenses in the NFL. These guys were great once but, since several of our latest drafts have been crap, we have no young veterans, just new guys without experience and old guys that have lost their edge and that our primary problem. Our offense scored 27 points against the Vikes which should be good enough to win against any team. Our problem is on the other side of the ball and that HAS to be fixed before the Steelers have a chance to contend again. Can Tomlin do this? Will Mr. Rooney allow him to do his job and manage the team? Stay tuned…

  15. Jeff

    Tomlin took a potential dynasty and drove the team into the ground. 7 yrs of not being able to beat teams we should and a lot of lip service. No offensive line. That is the coaches job. Where does the blame fall if not directly on his shoulders. One of the best quarterbacks in the league, can’t keep him upright and can’t win a game.

  16. Rudy

    I believe the root of our problems may have to do with who is actually in charge of personnel decisions: Colbert, Tomlin or both. Many years ago, when Cowher was coach, he had some conflicts with the GM at the time, Tom Donahoe. In the end, Cowher won out and Donahoe was let go. That led me to believe that Cowher had the most to do with team decisions in general. Now that Cowher’s players are aging, retiring and are few in number, we are getting a true look at Colbert/Tomlin players. And to be honest, in this new era, how many Steelers can you name that have truly stepped up and are really good players? Can you name anyone outside of Pouncey? I can’t. This leads me to conclude that our recent success in the Colbert/Tomlin era had more do with Cowher’s influence on the team than Colbert or Tomlin. Now that we are seeing their players in starting positions, our team seems to be declining quickly. Just my observation……………

  17. Doug

    The Steelers don’t go throught coaches like most teams. They will stick with Tomlin who has proven to be quite good for 7 years or so now.

  18. Paul Wetzel

    Ultimately, the Coach is the one that takes the “heat”-fire Tomlin!

  19. Dennis Maschuck

    Tomlin needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Arenez44

    ALL the negitive comments need to stop!!! What kind of fake fans are ya? Is it really Tomlin, but if the record was 2-2 0r 3-1 everyone will be happy and Tomlin wouldnt be a factor….smh reading these posts from a bunch of cry babies—-MAN the F$ck up!!!! THis is Steeler Nation…..

    • randy

      Fake fan, I been a steeler fan probably before you were born, and I call it as I see it, be realistic, bad coaching, bad draft picks, bad o line bad defense, its not about rebuilding its about coaching, man up and see what it actually is, I suppose you voted for Obama too didn’t you.

      • Arenez

        Randy,all speculations you are throwing out there. You should do some research before commenting and oh ya– the Obama comment– real nice loser thought we were talking about football instead of politics, but hey guess its ALL his fault with the goverment shutdown as well….prick

      • Rick Eger

        You would have fired Noll after he went 1 and 13 and YES I voted for Obama.

  21. Anonymous

    Tomlin is not a teacher and is more of a cheerleader. Look at the great coaches in the NFL, they actually coach their players during games. Watch Belicheck during agame, he’s doings X’s and O’s with his offense and defense on the sidelines. Tomlin is more of a statesman and gives the status of the team after a loss promising to get better at whatever the team is dong wrong. He’s just not up to the level of excellence requird to be a Head Coach. The Rooney family is really to blame here as they hired a fellow who really inherited a great team and does nothing as theteam slides toward its worst losing season in a long while. His coaches also are mediocre, look at Haley and the offensive line coach. Awful technique, and th’s the kind of tuff you pay coaches lots of money to fix. Draft days have been a bus, Pouncey was an excellent draft choice, but the rest have been, somewhat below average. So up and down the management chain, we have failure. Now we’re fielding a team with an absence of passion and talent. The older guys like Troy, Ike, Ryan, and Brett will see their careers ending soon and there are no players with enough talent to really replace them. I’m seeing a Steeler team on the decline for the next 2 to 4 years. Steeler fans should focus on the Pirates and the Penguins.

    • Rick Eger

      Nostradamus is a Steeler fan!

  22. Wayne

    Yes Tomln should go. I think he has lost this team. This team has been on a decline the last 3 years. Maybe the GM should be evaluated also. This is a 4 to 6 win team at best.

  23. David

    Bill Cowhers
    7th season 7-9
    8th ” 6-10
    9th ” 9-7
    12th ” 6-6
    final ” 8-8
    Be Patient people !!

  24. Edie

    Tomlin was handed a winning team. He has not built on that fact. Haley was brought back to the burgh because of ties with the Rooneys. It’s time for SOMEONE to step up and take charge! Tomlin talks the talk but he needs to walk the walk.

    • cliff edmonds

      look @ the post right brfore yours… he was not handed a winning team. Way too many people are saying this but not looking @ the facts.Cower did not go out a winner in fact a lot of you “fans ” were calling for his head before he left the team as you did to Bruce Arians. Face the fact that teams go up and down and now just happens to be one of those down times.The true question will be how will we respond to the challenge.

  25. Israel R

    Everybody is talking about firing the coaches. Lets talk about changing the QB. Ever since Ben got hurt last year he is not the same. We need to give someone a shot.

  26. Vincent Adams

    He needs to get fired if he cannot do the damn job the hell with the talking we need action that is it Todd Haley needs to go Dick needs to retire after the season is over Keith Butler need to take over that job!!!!!!! and if Tomlin can’t do his job he needs togo

  27. JR

    Anyone who says it’s Tomlin’s fault doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.

  28. Sad Days in Pitt

    Tomlin needs to get FIRED, but that is not the only problem. Haley is OK with the B.S. he has to put on the field. Ben needs to be a leader. He needs to sit with the offence like Manning, Brady or Brees. He has no sense of urgentsy. He need to push and work harder with his guys. This is his time!! The D is tired of the Offense stinking up the place. The D just lost focus but it is still strong.

  29. bravo60

    I think we are all overreacting, yes it sucks to watch our Steeler’s team suck so for this season. But we all have to remember Coach Cowher went through this from 2001 to 2003 seasons. That’s how we were able to get Troy and Big Ben in the draft. We need to evaluate the GM Colbert tenure on player selection in the draft. I’m not impressed with his job proformance.

  30. Anonymous

    it is a shame how do they play right now on both sides of the field. Sice some years ago it has being clear poor coaching decisions. The only great thing so far is that finally it seems that we have a good runnign back

  31. big bob

    ok, im getting in on this one! tomlin HAS been a success! in the time he has been coach he’s had a great record! our problem is with todd haley!! above all, thats were we need to start!

    • JRE

      We need to rebuild correct? How old will Ben be when we are rebuilt? Follow Cleveland model and trade Ben for the picks to accelerate the process. Whatever coaching changes are necessary we need more talent!



    • Rick Eger

      Agree and bring in some Cleveland fans…

  33. Steve stone

    Time for Tomlin and Haley to go. Can’t stand to even watch my steelers now.

  34. Big A

    Not sure Mike Tomlin is the problem. Todd Haley on the other hand – the Steelers decline started when he arrived. Instead of looking at the talent he has & bringing out the best in each player, he seems determined to make each player conform to his plan & it’s simply not working.

  35. Ken

    Tomlin is not in charge of the finances. You know we always try to get bargain players. This is what happens when you do. Also they paid Rothisberger too much money, killed the salary cap. We lost a lot of good players and have a lot of young players. I agree he should stop being the silent partner on the side lines and start knocking heads. He doesn’t have the same team he had a few years ago. Troy need to be more vocal and stop being an inside trader in the locker room. The vet need to start flexing their muscle on the “Standard”.

    • Rick Eger

      Is that why we’re always’ over the salary cap?

    • Rick Eger

      Ben deseves every dime he gets.

  36. Ballada

    Tomlin has lost control of the team. His game decisions are horrible. He lost two games last year with bad play calls. His drafts the last four years have been horrific. Hopefully this years draft will pan out. I say clean house, but knowing the Rooneys he will have to stink it up for a few more years before he moves on.

  37. STH

    Tomlin is not the problem, they should fire Haley. He is a lousy offensive co-ordinator.

  38. Anonymous

    No. Nobody thinks that. So stupid.

  39. rober

    yes tomlin need to go frist couple year still had cowher team now it team they been gone down and down bad

  40. Anonymous

    This season sould come as no surprise. The problems at offensive line and conerback, the defenses inability to get turnovers and sacks, it’s old news. The problem is management, thy ignored the problems for a long time, too man poor draft picks, never enough money to get free agents. I hink the issue is management.

  41. Blair R. Thompson

    When teams begin to falter due to age/injury, etc., it takes a couple years to replenish the talent, pittsburg’s drafts have failed in that but thought this past year, and 2014 would be very important to begin to restock, we have to be patient, it sucks, cause we’re not used to it, and we’ve missed on drafts the past 3-4 years, we need to hit 2014 very well, and looks like we’ll be high enough NOT to screw it up, it might be 2015 till we see some good ole’ steeler football, however i still think the off. coordinator needs a kick inthe head, he should be first to go. later, hang in there.

    • Rick Eger

      Finally someone who makes sense.

  42. TED M

    Its not the tomlins fault its todd haley, we need to get rid of him. BEN has to step up to, we also need a big receiver, lets go owners !

    • Rick Eger

      Yes it’s all Todd Hayley’s fault fire him and we’re super bowl bound.

  43. Koven Roundree

    Fire Tomlin and hire who??? I am a die hard Steelers fan and I know things will turn around. If you want to fire someone, fire Haley!! The offense has struggled every since he arrived. The defense just needs some youth but they are ok.

  44. Corrine

    I am wondering if Clint Hurdle knows anything about football?? :)

  45. Rick Eger

    Pittsburgh has the most whiney , spoiled fans in football. No wonder the rest of the country hates them.

  46. Rick Eger

    In Chuck Noll’s first two years his teams went 6 and 22. Imagine if the Rooney family hadn’t had some patience with him.

  47. Randy

    Steelers have had the same glaring weaknesses each of the last three years and this coach has not raised a finger to address them; let alone acknowledge them.

    Either this implosion is political payback, or Tomlin is the worst coach in the NFL.


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