With the Pittsburgh Steelers off to an 0-4 start the fans want an action taken. A lot of them think the failure is Mike Tomlin’s fault, they think the team has been on a steady downhill decline since Tomlin took over as the team’s head coach.

This is the worse start to a season the team has had since 1968. The fans feel like they were lied to. Many are saying the team promised a superior product on the field this season and the fans don’t see it.

The Steelers look like one of the worse team’s in the NFL. They have played a somewhat easy schedule and looked bad doing it. Every aspect of the team looks bad and the fans say it all comes back to the team’s head coach.

The fans are blaming him for not seeing this coming soon enough. The fans say they have seen it and wonder what Tomlin has looked at. Some are saying this doesn’t even resemble the team from last season and they weren’t that great either.

Pittsburgh has plenty of rebuilding to do to get back to playing the kind of football the people in Pittsburgh are used to seeing and for some of those people they think the team should start by replacing their head coach.

Are Mike Tomlin’s days numbered in Pittsburgh? Tell us what you think, leave your comments below.


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