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I’ve been saying all year that Christian Ponder’s four game streak with no interceptions thrown was deceiving and figured to come to an end sooner rather than later. That’s because during the streak he’s thrown at least four passes that could (or should) have been picked off. In today’s contest against the Titans he threw two more passes that would have been sitting ducks for any competent defensive back before finally heaving up two prayers that were picked off by Tennessee.


Chris has done an admirable job of game management this year by mixing in short throws with timely runs by Adrian Peterson and check-downs to Percy Harvin. But I don’t want to see a 70% completion percentage become an end-in-itself for this guy. Christian’s release and his habit of floating crippled butterflies off his back foot (and\or across his body) when he’s being pressured caught up with him today. Fortunately he’s playing a pipsqueak Titans team in the Metrodome who the Vikings ought to beat regardless. But if Ponder doesn’t break himself of those afore-mentioned tendencies his club may pay for it in the form of an early exit from post season play—if they make it that far, that is


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