If James Harrison goes crawling back  to the Pittsburgh Steelers and begs for his job back, he is showing just how desperate NFL players are when they leave the game of professional football.  Guys like Harrison need to be part of a team. With only a couple of weeks into the free agency Harrison is already losing his cool.

There are teams in the NFL that could use a guy like James Harrison. They may be taking their time to drive his asking price down just a bit. Even though the Ravens just signed Dumervil, they could still use a guy like Harrison. He needs to calm down just a bit and wait another week or so until the dust settles.

Another team that could use Harrison is the Oakland Raiders. Harrison would be a perfect fit to bring back the bad boy image the Raiders use to have. They sure need something in Oakland to get the team back to the Raiders of old.

A guy like Harrison with his reputation can bring back the image the Raiders once had just by signing with the team. Harrison will be signed somewhere before the season starts. If he goes crawling back to Pittsburgh with his tail between his legs he is making a serious mistake.

Hold your ground James Harrison, don’t let them see you sweating.


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  1. mikewormack

    The problem is players are basing their decisions based on previous salary cap standards. Teams aren’t giving big deals to older players coming off injuries. Players coming off seasons where they are injured and over 30. Aren’t valuable to teams because they have a history of being injured and being old. I would not say that Harrison is crawling back, he tested the market and found out that his value is not what he thought. It I smart for him and his agent to approach the Steelers, but the question is what do you want to pay him. Me personally, I offer him two mil based on past performace and make it a take it or leave it. With maybe another two mil in incentives, and I am then getting some play makers.

    • LG

      Great comment Mike…..Thanks


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