Written By Clifford Santa Monica,

When I see a statement made like this,

“…if they simply provide production around what they did in 2012 while Kinsler and Cruz tick their production up a notch, the Rangers offense won’t miss a beat without Hamitlon and Napoli in the lineup….”

It just drives me crazy. Here is what I say about that…..

Dude, if you think the two players you just mentioned will actually DO that, you’re delusional. Nelson Cruz will be 33 years old on July 1st. NOTHING this underachieving possible PED user has accomplished during his tenure with the Rangers suggests to me that we’ll see anything different from him than we’ve witnessed since his original call-up as a 26 year old. in 2006. Namely, inconsistent-to-poor clutch hitting with just enough tape measure home runs mixed in to persuade our wooden-headed manager that he’s a real force in the middle of our lineup. Oh–I left out the fact that (like golden boy Ian Kinsler), he’s both mistake AND injury prone. As for Kinsler, he still uppercuts pitches up around his face, makes inexcusable mistakes in the field at the worst possible times which both he (and Ron Washington) shrug off (and then repeats a few games later). At 31 years of age Ian’s no spring chicken either. But because Jon Daniels allowed the most talented hitter in baseball (Josh Hamilton) to go to a division rival as a free agent, his Rangers will get victimized 18 times a year or more. And because Jon Daniels failed to land EVEN ONE impact hitter to atone for his incompetence, Ian finds himself in a perfect situation: He’ll remain on an emasculated  roster either in the outfield, or else at  second base where I’d personally prefer to see (by most accounts) future star Jurickson Profar.


Good luck to us Ranger fans this year. I’m afraid we’re going to need generous helpings of it…





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