It’s game day. The Pittsburgh Steelers go into Cleveland looking like the walking wounded. Big Ben is out and Leftwich too, that leaves 37-year-old Charlie Batch to lead his Steelers team into the Browns stadium to take on their divisional rival Cleveland Browns. For Cleveland fans they are hoping their Browns defense can find a way to stop Batch. The Steelers defense can really come up big today facing the Browns 29-year-old rookie Brandon Weeden. If the Steelers defense can bring the same kind of pressure they used in the Ravens game, they could force Weeden into making mistakes. The Steelers have to know by now, Weeden doesn’t respond well to pressure.

The Steelers may not have their one or two quarterback but that doesn’t mean they won’t be competitive. Charlie Batch is the type of guy that responds well in the back-up role. He has always proven he can get the job done. If Pittsburgh can bring the pressure to the Browns offense today, they could come away with their 7th win on the season. The key to a Steelers win is going to be how well their defense can perform. This game could come down to a field goal and the weather in Cleveland shouldn’t play that much into the game. It is cold with a few snow flurries but the wind should be that much of a factor.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the number one ranked defense in the NFL and if they plan on showing the Cleveland Browns why that is, they should be able to stop Cleveland…..They are going to have to bring the pressure to Brandon Weeden today…


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