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I would say that here and there at critical junctures the 49’ers were out-coached and outplayed. Brooks jumped off-sides at the wrong time. There was the blown coverage by a normally disciplined, focused secondary which allowed James Jones to get behind the defense for a touchdown that probably shouldn’t have happened.

Colin Kaepernick’s interception didn’t help, although I think he threw the ball damned well pretty much all game long. On the other hand even though there was a lot of hand checking going on back and forth between Crabtree and the guy who was covering him I thought that he was CLEARLY interfered with. There is supposed to be NO contact between a receiver and the corner-back, PERIOD–AND THE OFFICIAL BLEW THAT CALL ACCORDING TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW. But the officials, seemingly, didn’t want to be perceived by the media as the bad guys so they kept their whistles in their pockets and that act of commission sealed San Francisco’s fate. In my opinion, though, it shouldn’t have come down to that.

The 49’ers let the game get away from them, and whereas they’ve been able to overcome double-digit deficits against other clubs this PAST season, yesterday they couldn’t do that against a team as smart and as tough as the Ravens were…


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