Eli Manning looked pretty good when his Giants took on the Dallas Cowboys. Manning went 21/32 for 213 yards and only 1 touchdown, not the typical Eli Manning type of game, but hey it is the season opener. It is clear the New York Giants have a few bugs to work out. The Cowboys defense was able to get to Manning for 3 sacks. While the Giants rushing game looked just OK, the team needs to focus on the play of the offensive line. Protecting Manning and run blocking are 2 things that stuck out in my mind.

The Giants defense played just OK too. They had 2 sacks in the game and they were facing a Dallas offensive line people have picked on all preseason. The Giants defense could have done a better job containing Tony Romo, especially facing the O-line the Cowboys have. When Romo was able to buy himself sometime moving outside of his tackles the Giants couldn’t get to him. The New York Giants defense is going to have to pick it up a notch to help Eli Manning win. The Giants secondary needs to tighten up a bit too.

Manning’s offense did OK seeing how this was the first game. They may have come into the game against the Cowboys taking a lot for granted, after all they are the defending Super Bowl Champions.  The Offense looked a bit sloppy yon the teams first five drives, once Manning and his guys get these problems fixed and their timing really comes together, they should be in better shape. They have to capitalize when they have the football. Five drives and only 1 field goal is not going to get it done.

I think Eli Manning and company know what they need to get done. I expect them to look much sharper in week 2 when they take on Tampa Bay…

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