The New York Yankees would like nothing better than to see their star shortstop Derek Jeter return to health. So would millions of baseball fans around the world. If the Yankees front office were smart, they would sit out Jeter for the rest of the 2013 season.

At the age of 38, there is no sense rushing Jeter back into service. The Yankees have shown they can play competitive baseball without Jeter on the field. The Yankees have a record of 30-22 at this point of the season and they did it without some of their big-named star players, including Derek Jeter.

Jeter needs time to heal. Even if his ankle is healed the surrounding tissue and bone has to be weakened from wearing the boot. Rushing Jeter back too soon could lead to another injury. The prof of that is what we saw take place in spring training.

Jeter wasn’t ready and they should not have placed him on the field.  He needed more time and they should have all learned a lesson by now, including Jeter himself. He wanted to get in the game, he has done it for so many years, who could blame him.

This time things have to go different, it is time to consider resting the future hall of fame player, for the rest of the 2013 season.  If Jeter suffers any more injuries to his ankle, he would have to consider retirement. Why risk it when the team is only a game back in the American League East?

Jeter only has a short itme left in major league baseball at his age. Why shorten what ever that time frame could be. Sit him out….

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